Sunday, December 20, 2015

Be Wary of Politicians Wanting to Put Troops on the Ground in the Middle East

Let's face it.  After San Bernardino, everyone is looking under rocks for terrorists and we have both the press and presidential politicians (most with no military experience) leading the charge for a full scale invasion to defeat this group of terrorists.

Make no mistakes ISIS is an indeed an evil empire but spending trillions of more dollars and having more American service personnel injured or killed is just a leftover tactic of the Bush/Cheney Presidency and the group's existence came into place because of the new Iraq government was not inclusive to all Muslim groups during its formation.

Surely American politicians have learned a lesson that the dynamics of the Middle East is so unique that replacing one regime with another that ultimately ends up being our enemy is the more likely out come.

You cannot in good conscience ignore the atrocities of ISIS and expect them  to go away.  But the religious divisions are so deep and dropping a few bombs and killing civilians will not endear the Muslim world to the cause of an American lead "holy war in the defense of democracy."

Continue limited air strikes, put economic sanctions on ISIS,  do not allow any more seizure of territories, and punish with economic and diplomatic sanctions  those  nations supporting ISIS.   Sending troops and nation building will not end the problem.

As for home grown terrorists----monitor suspicious folks----however proceed with caution as many of our own civil liberties could be jeopardized.

Americans need to look very carefully at those candidates who want to draw us into the conflict as they will be leading us once again into conflicts that are non-winnable.

Criticize Obama for other issues but the President has worked hard to keep the United States out of conflicts without our country acting like an isolationist.

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