Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Does America Really Need Another Bush or Clinton in the White House or Can America Do Better?

When a man who has accomplished nothing  while being in the Senate except being a Tea Party obstructionist, Americans should gasp when Sen. Marco Rubio announced he is ready to be President!   Rubio is not the only Presidential wannabe.  Of course, political pundits have decided that political bully New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is a person to be seriously considered as a viable candidate.    And  equally hard to stomach is Vice President Joe Biden coyly suggesting he may consider going for the the top prize oblivious that most Americans suffer from Obama fatigue.

So, political pundits are spinning the idea of Hillary Clinton versus a Jeb Bush presidential race.  (And of course these  two career politicians  are doing nothing to dispel the rumor as they are on speaking engagements around the country stoking the fire of speculation.)

Whether she likes to admit it or not, Hillary has the legacy of her husband dragging her down like a ball and chain. 

Though Bill Clinton was elected twice, by the end of his impeachment trial partially fueled by his  lying under oath about his affair with Monica Lewinsky,  many Americans were just plain tired of him.  

Clinton's attempt to redefine blow job was pathetic.  Caught with his pants down, Americans  knew his suggestion that oral sex was not a sexual act in the biblical sense was quite a stretch even in the biblical sense.    

In actuality, most American men knew and perhaps even sympathized that the President just did not want his wife or daughter know that he was a womanizer.   And even more visually disturbing was that big Bubba used his political power to kick it in the White House as he poked and prodded  a young twenty something girl with a cigar. 

Source: Bill Clinton Lies to America "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

However, Clinton's sexual indiscretion paled in comparison to the Bush-Cheney era.

Unlike Clinton's seminal bullets, President Bush's bullets were real and deadly in his search for Saddam Hussein's mythical weapons of mass destruction.  Bush's lie cost thousands of American servicemen their lives, contributed to the ruin of the United States economy, and his actions probably served to justify invasions as the Russian  invasion into the Ukraine.

Source of You Tube Video: Bush laughs at no WMD in Iraq

Jeb Bush would be running on the family legacy of  his relatives involving the nation in three very costly Middle East conflicts.

Though the potential field of qualified Presidential candidates are somewhat slim pickings, do Americans really want a Hillary in the White House with her sexual leech of a husband lurking around? Can America afford a President Jeb seeking  the advice of his big brother and dad on foreign, domestic, and environmental affairs?

It is disconcerting to think that these two families have such pompous arrogance  to consider having  family members serve a second and yet even third time around in the White House.

The question is does America really need another Bush or Clinton in the White House or can America do better?


Source of Cartoon: Hope N Change Cartoons 

Source of Cartoon: About.com Political Humor Bush's Mistakes 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Treatment of Dakota Basinger Demonstrates Why People Hide HIV Status

When Rock Hudson was diagnosed with AIDs, two things people learned:  Rock Hudson was homosexual  (apparently most of Hollywood knew) and secondly the rich and famous could also get this illness.   

When basketball player great, Magic Johnson announced his HIV status, the public was to learn quickly the disease is not a gay-only- disease, and that people of all races, sexual preferences, ages, and fame and economic status can become infected.     And unlike its earlier days, as evidenced by Johnson,  the HIV virus is not an immediate death sentence and people can live long productive lives.

As everyone should know by now HIV is transmitted through unprotected intimate sexual contact with a positive partner,  or coming in contact with the blood and intimate body fluids of people carrying the virus.

Blah blah blah blah!  It should really be old news by now. 

You would think everyone would know how the illness is contracted. After all today's generation in particular  of young teens and young adults have had it drilled in their head that HIV is probably here to stay for awhile and unprotected sex and possible HIV exposure can be one of the most life altering events a person should not have to experience.   

Unfortunately, not all people are honest about their HIV status and others just bury their heads in the sand and choose to not even know their status.

Source of Graph:  Aids.gov 

So here's the deal---HIV can impact many people and cannot be transmitted through the most casual of contacts.  Millions of dollars have been spent educating all of us of that fact and yet we don't really listen. 

Source of Graph: Centers of Disease Control and Prevention 

Today still there are those who men and women who remain ignorant on how the disease is transmitted. Others take the moral high ground that it is a person's fault when they contact the illness through sexual relations. 

There have been many heroes in the story of HIV, and most people at least in their 40's and up remember the heroic late Ryan White, who become nationally known after being expelled from middle school because of his infection which was obtained through a blood transfusion. 

Ryan White (December 6, 1971-April 8, 1990)

I would like to think Ryan White and other men and women like him who served as trail blazers about educating the world about the facts and misinformation about HIV did not die in vain.   But unfortunately, due to unfounded prejudices,  discrimination against people infected with HIV continues as described in a story which surfaced several weeks ago. 

Can you imagine, being in the middle of a local recreational basketball game, and during  a time out,  a city employee would walk onto the court and confront you publicly about your HIV status and then ask you to leave the game should you admit to being positive? 

The incident was not a what-if situation but actually did occur. The stone age mentality by a Florida public employee was dished out to twenty one year old Dakota Basinger during his recreational basketball team game. 

Basinger revealed his  HIV status on his Facebook Page.  Obviously a Facebook "friend" told others of his status and then Basinger was removed him from the game and banned by the public employee from playing in the Florida Kissimme recreational  basketball  league again. 

Eventually the city apologized and I have not read if Basinger ever returned to participate in the league again or plans on suing. 

Dakota Basinger 
The discrimination and utter insensitivity to Basinger's status is an example why men and women with the diagnosis just don't tell others if they are HIV positive. 

Treating people as Basinger and others like him as social pariahs will indeed drive their honesty about their personal HIV status underground. 

The past weeks, Americans have been inordinately obsessed about rich man LA Clipper owner Donald Sterling's remarks about African Americans. 

But the Dakota Basinger story in some respects was an equally compelling story and was virtually ignored by the mass media. 

Unfortunately, men and women with HIV are also discriminated against by people of all races driving many to hide their status to avoid the similar  humiliation that was dished out to Dakota Basinger. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NBA Players Probably More Hurt By Donald Sterling's Contempt Towards Them

Kind of feel bad for NBA owner Los Angles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling.   

He made some racist comments in a private conversation to his gold digger black-Hispanic gentile girlfriend V. Stiviano.  As we all know by now, those private comments got blasted all over the news.  And as I write, Sterling might be losing his franchise.

There is a great deal of hypocrisy by all sides regarding Sterling's comments.    (One thing we have sadly learned is that the most persecuted religion in the world also has a few bigots in its ranks.) 

Actually  would love to be a fly on the wall hearing Sterling's millionaire ball players talking about their white boss and other white folks prior to the entire event.  Bet there were some racist comments spewing from some of their mouths prior to the event and heaven forbid now. 

But for me, the real story is how much contempt this billionaire owner probably has to towards his overpaid employees.   And perhaps if we were honest, most of us who have been employees would hate to hear what our bosses have said about us when the doors are closed.

Bigots exist and many billionaires likely were not nice to many of the people they stomped over to get a head in the game.   Sterling's comments well could have been just an old man ranting much as anyone of us who have ranted.  Unfortunately, some sleaze ball ---listened in on his conversation and deliberately made it public.   

Sterling made a lot of men wealthy and probably what bothers the players and the African American fans of LA  is how little he actually liked them all! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

After beating story into ground, news organizations need to move on from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 story

Let's face it, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is a tragedy for all of the families.   

Understandably, there will be  likely no completed closure for the family members of the likely deceased passengers until the passengers' bodies or at the least airplane wreckage has been retrieved.   

After photos of showing the public dots in the ocean and news reporters going to Australia to "assist," in the recovery,  this story does not warrant top news billing every day particularly on CNN.

Most Famous Piece of Ocean Trash 

CNN has a tendency to drive stories into the ground by their cast of pundits as Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, and  lesbian vegan what's her name --- oh yes, Jane Velez-Mitchell.  

CNN pundit lesbian, animal activist, crime show host, what's her name? 

And after catching a glimpse of Wolf Blitzer fielding questions from listeners to his panel of experts on the flight, this viewer shouted out to the television, "Enough is enough."  

There are many more pressing newsworthy stories that now deserve more top billing as:

  • Russia amassing troops on the border of the Ukraine as Putin lifts his middle finger to a failed American foreign policy 
  • General Motors Co comes under attack for its policy of failure to notify public about defective parts linked to fatal crashes
  • Landslide disaster in Oso, Washington State (should have been given more news coverage than the flight) 
  • Earthquakes in Chile and California 
  • Trash in the world's oceans---which the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Recovery fortunately has made the world most aware of 
Initially, the flight disappearance was newsworthy at least for the intrigue which surrounds the story ---but until plane parts remnants are actually found---time to move on CNN. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

P.T. Barnum Would Have Felt Right At Home With Todd Chrisley and Dr. Phil McGraw

Reality television supposedly documents unscripted situations and actual occurrences for the viewers to watch.   And there are many genres of reality television which have become popular over the past two decades.

In the blog Edictive, the author has listed 7 types of reality television shows and there are other sources which offer further breakdowns on types of reality television.  All television shows have to be edited to fit in a time frame, however some so-called reality television shows have been staged and restaged for best entertainment value.  

The worst type of reality television are those programs which have story lines created by the producer to humiliate participants and as in the case of the Kardashians have made untalented people into celebrities who really don't deserve their fame.  

Regardless, reality television is often times less costly to produce than scripted television shows and can be quite profitable for the  networks which have produced them. 

Reality shows by Jerry Springer, Maury Povich and Steve Wilkos (former bald guy bouncer for Jerry Springer) are staged to make overweight, toothless, tattooed men and women appear as social misfits.  

These men have created reality shows which consist of  plenty of yelling between the guests,  stories by guests of alleged  sexual in-breeding with family relatives,  friends, and farm animals, and a ton of paternity and lie-detector tests to rat out the creepiest of their creepy guests. 

The emcees of these shows have been laughing all the way to the bank as Americans have tuned into some of the most off the wall characters on  television. 

Dr. Phil McGraw tries to portray himself as a caring professional.   Why in the hell would anyone wish to appear on the doctor's show to be emotionally stripped naked and then humiliated in front of a live studio audience and American viewers?  

Dr. Phil  understands the need for his followers to feel better than the dysfunctional men and women being interrogated by him on the stage. . 

Another piece of media trash has been loaded on the American public by NBCUniversal which is a subsidiary of Comcast. , the largest mass media corporation in the world.   The new reality show is Chrisley Knows Best. 

Todd Chrisley a narcissistic southern millionaire whores his entire family out for his  supposed comedic reality television about his overbearing parenting skills.

NBC Universal believe that Americans will tune into to watch this flamboyant "straight guy?" raising his five children in Atlanta.  But as Tom Conroy so eloquently noted  in Media Life Magazine, Chrisley has so much crap going on his life that well he just is not funny. 

So much of Chrisley Knows Best  is blatantly staged and they would have been better off casting Todd Chrisley as a character actor in a scripted television show versus a psuedo reality show. 

As for Chrisley's  children, well they are most definitely not fun to watch and their sexuality is played up over and over again by their parents and those who have staged their performances. 

And though I am most definitely not in the upper 1% of the wealthy bracket in the United States, the Chrisley family demonstrates why Americans have learned to love to hate wealthy Americans portrayed by this clod and his spawn.  And with the likes of Jerry Springer, one understands why the upper 1% looks down with such contempt at the rest of us in the lower 99%! 

In the mid 1800's, David Hannum criticized showman P.T. Barnum for catering to the most gullible of people who came to pay to see  the showman's circus and sideshows.  Hannum said that Barnum's business philosophy was "There's a sucker born every minute." 

P.T. Barnum 

Much like P.T. Barnum, American networks hope that gullible American viewers  will continue to  tune into their extreme shows  which they continue to spew out.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Civil disobedience threatens the Washington dysfunctional normalcy

Let's face the fact that the people of the Ukraine were sold out by ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.  By all news accounts, Yanukovych was corrupt and he and his entourage made millions while in office.   Yanukovych was just continuing a practice of corruption which is systemic of many countries in the world.  

The difference is that finally people were awaken to the fact that their personal aspirations were being trampled upon and this most corrupt man was violently thrown out after he started imprisoning and murdering his own citizens and impeding his citizens' prosperity. 

But Yanukovch is not alone in walking away with millions in his pocket while in power and Ukraine is not even listed on the Top 20 for being most corrupt. According to Berlin based Transparency International: Somalia and North Korea share top honors for corruption and you guessed it Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria are on that list along with Venezuela and Haiti.  And other than North Korea, most, but not all of nations on that list have had or are having some forms of citizen uprising against their abusive governments. 

And perhaps giving this American some hope, Transparency International composed a list of the least corrupted nations.  Denmark and New Zealand topped the list. Fortunately, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan appeared on the list---albeit not with perfect ratings. 

But how much money American and western national leaders walk away with money in their pocket after being in power can be a bit alarming.   Billionaire politician  Michael Bloomberg made his wealth before he was NYC mayor.   However, there are many world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, who  made their money after  they came to power.  As for American and European backed Middle East leaders---well they and  their families are poster children for corruption and abuse of human rights.  World governments have allowed these thugs to  run their own nations as their personal piggy banks.  

In the United States, politicians of both parties continue to walk away wealthier then when they came to office.   Judicial Watch has published its list of the 10 Most Corrupted Politicians for 2012.  Americans should be very alarmed that people as Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and his family have become wealthier while in public office. 

Source of Photograph:  New York Daily News

One politician who is the most recent poster child for corruption is former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagan who was recently convicted of bribery and money laundering from the hurricane Katrina relief funds to save New Orleans. 

As for states with most convictions for political corruption, Florida leads the pack.  The sunshine state is  followed by New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, California, Ohio (my state), Illinois, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and Louisiana.    

So what's the point.   

The people of the Ukraine threw out a corrupt leader and many politicians want United States intervention.   But, if the new people in charge of the Ukraine turnout to be as corrupted as the ones that they may replace, then what a waste in United States resources. 

The tragedy is that in the nations of Iraq and Afghanistan, American soldiers gave their lives to establish new regimes which may not be as violent as their predecessors, but have made the list as being corrupt.  

Source of Photograph: The Guardian. 

While Senator John McCaine wants to intervene everywhere in the world when a government becomes violent against its citizenry,  perhaps it is time that Americans first  start demanding cleanup of government corruption in our own nation.  

Source of Photograph: Bio True Story

The past decade the United States  has been held in a political grid lock.   Lies got the United States to intervene into Iraq.   National honor has kept us in the travesty called Afghanistan.   Wall Street and the resultant economic recession was caused by businesses going wild with Congressional approval.  Today parties on both sides of the aisle block each other from any meaningful legislation.  

Politicians should not be surprised when there is a national unrest due to their actions.  As the following actions have demonstrated:    

  • Many who advocate gun ownership do so believing in the event of a government threatening  citizens' rights. 
  • The Tea Party came into existence because of the fear of a corrupted big government directing all our lives.   
  •  Occupy Wall Street movement was a protest about a government favoring big business over the little guy.   
  • Whistle blowers as Edward Snowden are attacked by  government and politicians because he exposed blatant government misuse of power to fight terrorism.

Yes, the world needs to prevent Russian expansion into the Ukraine. 

If not addressed,  Putin and his band of thugs will swallow up the entire nation and replace it with another corrupt government as the previous Yanukovych regime. Yet,  the world should be aghast as to what is occurring in Syria, while China and Russia remain steadfast against intervention. (Perhaps it is time for the disbanding of the United Nations due to the crippling permanent veto powers of Great Britain, United States, France, China, and Russia.) 

But it is time American national leaders start taking care of the problems which are occurring in our own nation.  

Politicians don't like civil disobedience in any country including our own.  Today's politicians have a vested interest to maintain the status quo. Civil disobedience threatens the Washington dysfunctional normalcy. 

Perhaps as during the protests of the 1960-1970's Vietnam War and Civil Rights era, the nation might be ripe for some forms of civil disobedience to awaken the Washington power brokers of politicians and their business puppeteers.  

Now is the time to address the corruption occurring in our own nation first before attempting to save the world.