Friday, February 12, 2016

Campaign Outside of Political Mainstream and Elitist Classify Politician as Populist

Despite having very different views of how to reinvigorate an American economy or what is considered good American values, candidates Bernie Sanders,  Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz all have something in common. These men are viewed as nuisances and until recently viewed as not electable by their corresponding political parties.

Able to self-fund his own campaign, Donald Trump has disrupted the plans of the Republican establishment and conservative super pacts that spent millions of dollars with the hope to see  a Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, or Chris Christie as their  party's nominee.

Similarly, the Democrat Party establishment would have preferred to have seen a quick selection of Hillary Clinton as the standard-bearer  to carry on the accomplishments of the Obama administration.  Instead, the very unconventional independent socialist Bernie Sanders joined the Democratic Party  and Clinton has had to spend her energy and funds to secure a nomination that she felt entitled to.

Trump, Sanders, and Cruz have upset the political apple carts. These three non-traditional politicians  have prevented their party's establishment from the coronation  of their  hand- picked candidates.

Because these men  have broken all the understood rules for being traditional candidates, with some elitist snobbery, pundits have summarily addressed them as being populist politicians.

For elitists, populist candidates are those who have traditionally appealed to the less educated and less affluent members of society and are not politically correct. Not viewed as moderates let alone not being team players,   populist candidates are offensive to their  party elite. correct.

In some dictionaries, a populist is synonymous with demagogue.

Historically, some of the most famous American politicians and personalities who have been termed as populists are:

  • Andrew Jackson
  • George Wallace
  • William Jennings Bryant 
  • Huey Long 
  • Pat Buchanan
  • Father Charles Coughlin
  • Glenn Beck 

And though Trump, Cruz, and Sanders proudly announce that they are anti-establishment they are in good company with Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan who also made identical claims they were also anti-establishment.  

Good Reads About The Politics of Populism 

The NewYorker writer George Packer, in his written piece The Populists  describes the populist tendencies of Sanders and Trump.

Newsweek's writer, Chris Lehman authored a great article entitled,
Donald Trump and the Long Tradition of American Populism.

OSU Department of History blog, Origins writer Marc Horger's article entitled  American Populism and the Persistence of the Paranoid Style  (if you enjoy history a good short read.)

Populist candidates do not have good reputations

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Home Grown American Gangs Cause More Damage Than Domestic ISIS Terrorist Groups

Yesterday I was at the car dealership having my car's oil changed.   While waiting with  two other customers---a young man in his late twenties and a gentleman in his late fifties---we had the usual  discussion about how dealerships rip you off with car repair costs.

Then our discussion moved onto  the local Akron-Cleveland economy, the condition of professional sports in Cleveland, the contrast between local sports hero LeBron James versus Cleveland Brown's Johnny Manziel  and then a great discussion about  past and present tales of  organized crime figures in Youngstown, Ohio.  

Pittsburgh Mobster Lenny Strollo Kills Joey Naples 

The young man then piped in about terrorism and how Trump is correct about banning Muslims to prevent terrorism as well as  the importance of maintaining our Second Amendment rights to bear arms to protect us from terrorists. 

A car dealership is not a place to have the more complicated discussion about politics or gun ownership.   But I did walk away from the conversation thinking that politicians and the government have created such a paranoia about domestic ISIS terrorists and don't address the gang violence which plagues most of our major cities. 

Americans need to demand that our politicians address the domestic terrorism of local and regional gangs which cause more havoc than domestic ISIS terrorists.

After reading Law Officer's article Gang and Drugs,  a person's head spins thinking about the inter workings between gangs, violence, drugs, extortion, sex etc.  The author(s) offered possible solutions to breaking  some of the gang activity which many times is hitting the gangs' pocketbooks. 

According to the FBI:

Some 33,000 violent street gangs, motorcycle gangs, and prison gangs with about 1.4 million members are criminally active in the U.S. today. Many are sophisticated and well organized; all use violence to control neighborhoods and boost their illegal money-making activities, which include robbery, drug and gun trafficking, fraud, extortion, and prostitution rings. According to the 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment report, gangs are responsible for an average of 48 percent of violent crime in most jurisdictions, and up to 90 percent in others. 

Americans of all races, nationalities, and economic statures should start asking politicians what can be used to pursue and end gang violence.     There are more gang members in the country than domestic ISIS terrorists.   

Gangs are a creeping cancer and have caused and will continue to cause more damage than any domestic ISIS terrorist group. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Chris Christie Correct To Attack Marco Rubio's Lack Of Job Credentials

Senator Marco Rubio, the golden boy of the Republican elite  decided that he did not have to put his heart into being a good elected United States Senator.   Rubio rather jumped right into going for the top political prize of President of the United States. 

Cruz and Rubio both have launched attacks against Obama for how he has governed, but don't like to remind voters they also have as much inexperience that candidate Obama had when he made his first run for President.  

Americans don't need first term inexperienced Senators Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz to occupy the White House.   Neither men put their energies into the jobs that they were elected to and either were obstructionists or just plain absent from their jobs campaigning for President.   Essentially both men cheated their constituency who voted for them by not reporting to work. 

It indeed was refreshing that Chris Christie went after the Senator and hopefully other candidates challenge Rubio.

The verbal exchange was long overdue.   

Before Republicans vote for the son of a Cuban immigrant bartender or a senator who in the past year just denounced his Canadian citizenship, they should seriously consider the three other candidates that bring good credentials to be considered for being Commander-In-Chief.

Along with Donald Trump, current Governors John Kasich (Ohio) and Chris Christie (New Jersey), and former Governor Jeb Bush (Florida) have measurable job performance track records that both Cruz and Rubio lack.

Americans would be better served if either of these four men occupied the White House versus the two inexperienced junior senators. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Time For Lower Tier Republican Candidates To Leave Race

The protective casings around cereal grains is referred to as chaff.   So when wheat, barley, rye, or rice  are harvested,  the chaff is removed.   The seeds become human food and the discarded chaff is  plowed back into the ground or fed to livestock.

The idiom or phrase, separating the wheat from the chaff, refers to separating the useful from the not useful.  This phrase best describes what is now happening during the Republican primaries.

Trump not appearing at the Fox Republican Presidential debate should have allowed Republican voters the opportunity to see those other candidates without being overshadowed by his antics.  At the end of the debate, voters should have begun to separate those  which have some merit and  have a realistic chance to win the nomination and United States Presidency. 

By now, political pundits and voters know Donald Trump is dead serious about becoming Commander-in-Chief.  Voters need to listen closely to what Trump says and demand that he provide more specifics on his blue print  to  make  America great again. 

The Republican dog and pony show is not quite over yet.  However, those candidates in the lower tier of popularity (2% or less support) should drop out and free up their supporters and donors so other viable candidates can be backed.

Candidates in the lower tier ---actually might be very good if not the most capable to be President.   However their messages have not resonated due to lack of a campaign war chest or organization.  

These low tiered candidates are chaff and for them to  remain in the race  is pure vanity and serves no meaningful purpose except to distract. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

O'Reilly Begging Trump To Attend Debate Was Dismal Television

Well yesterday's blog was slamming Chris Matthews for dismissing Taylor Gipples' comments to Hillary Clinton as "nervy" and inappropriate for a young man his age to address Clinton about people's perception of her as being dishonest.  

But the past week's most dismal news media event was Bill O'Reilly begging Donald Trump to attend the Fox's Republican Candidates National Debate.   

Well Trump refused because he does not like Meghan Kelly, views her as a terrible reporter and therefore would not field any questions from her.  (Reporters beware of a President Trump not fielding questions if he ever feels  insulted!) 

Even after bribing the billionaire Trump with milk shakes, O'Reilly's pleas were of no avail.

Trump and O'Reilly During Happier Times!

The entire exchange was embarrassing for Fox News as well as  O'Reilly and much of the national news media viewed the exchange as pathetic.

Source of Video:  TYT Nation

American voters  should probably have been pleased that Trump was not at the debate. 

Without Trump's presence, the other candidates could present their views and attack Ted Cruz without being over shadowed by Trump who has broken every rule on political correctness much as the young Taylor Gipple's comments to Clinton!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Taylor Gipple Not Only Upset Hillary Clinton But Also Chris Matthews

Really had to cringe when Hardball 's Chris Matthews acted  appalled when Taylor Gipple at an Iowa town meeting told Hillary Clinton she does not appear to be getting the support of young people  because people in his age bracket perceive her as being dishonest.

Matthews' hypocrisy about the encounter was a bit amazing.   Matthews said that due to Gipple's age, the young man was "nervy" and showed no respect for  Clinton's political stature or age  with his comment / question. 

Right or wrong, the Clintons' integrity became a topic when Bill Clinton became President. 

Investigations by the Clintons in the Whitewater Corporation hinted at a cover up by the duo.  And more recently, there continue to be questions about her role as Secretary of State  in not preventing the fatal attacks on the diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya and utilizing a private email account to conduct government business.  

The news media has reported extensively on those stated events, so Taylor Gipple's comment was fair as Clinton's integrity has been questioned by  political opponents as well as the news media.  

Matthews comments about Gipple were a bit disingenuous.   He is always challenging mostly conservative politicians' moral scruples (as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's Bridgegate) and enjoys posing gotcha questions or assembling a panel of like minded experts on his show to embarrass politicians or make disparaging comments about them. 

Matthews is suggests that people questioning Clinton's trustworthiness are part of a major conspiracy and  the only people who can question her ethics are people in the news media.   

The question was appropriate and the young man had the guts  to challenge Clinton's  integrity to her face.   Matthews was just sorry he did not have the opportunity to ask the question.