Thursday, April 7, 2016

Viewing the Abortion Issue In the Color Gray Can Be Discomforting

The abortion debate is an ongoing discussion in this Presidential campaign.   

One camp says the mother has reproductive rights and can choose to terminate her pregnancy at any time within the guidelines of the state she resides in. 

The other camp says the fetus is a human being and under no conditions can be aborted unless in the case of incest or the health of the mother is threatened.  And there are many people in that camp who would argue under no circumstances can the fetus be aborted. 

There are some of us who actually agree to a certain extent with both sides.

The human fetus, even when in the earliest stages of development, is not a rabbit or some other critter.   When an abortion is performed a human life is terminated.  Allegedly, the fetus should not be able to survive outside the mother's womb.

The dilemma for many of us is how can we justify telling  a woman she will have to carry the fetus to full term and therefore she has absolutely no control over her body.

So with some reluctance I am a pro-choice advocate.  Should I meet a woman contemplating the termination of her pregnancy, I would counsel her to reconsider and not end the human life.   However, that does not mean I would stand outside a clinic making her change her decision by shaming her for the difficult choice she is about to make.

What most woman of all ages and religious beliefs  should know, there are some very effective pills to induce a miscarriage  when the embryo is but a cluster of cells.  Access to these pills  should not be difficult for the woman to obtain. 

Recently, Hillary Clinton emphasized an unborn fetus has no constitutional rights.   That is of course a very alarming thought to think about.   

Taking it to the extreme, that would mean a fetus can actually be aborted whenever the mother and her doctor decide because the fetus (baby) has no rights and its humanity is recognized until it is born.

I have to applaud those who have taken a stance on the issues of pro-life or pro-choice and can stake their positions in black and white terms with no compromise.   

Unfortunately,  there are many of us who see both sides of the arguments and do not have the good fortune of seeing the discussion as being just a black or white issue.   We tend to see the issue in the color gray and that is often times very uncomfortable. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jury Paid Pennies For Time As They Decide Should They Make Erin Andrews Wealthy

When employed by ESPN,  Erin Andrews was indeed violated when a creep took pictures of her when she was undressing at the Marriott Hotel back in 2008.

The gist of the suit is that Andrews claims her privacy was violated by the Nashville Marriott when its employees gave her stalker the dates she would be at the hotel as well as a room next to her. 

However, Andrews suing the Marriott for $75 million is a bit excessive and one has to feel sorry for the jury which  is paid pennies for their time as they are about to decide should they make Andrews a very wealthy woman due to her alleged duress. 

Let's face it, there are many lawsuits which are indeed justifiable when awards are being made---particularly if a person is seriously injured through no fault of their own.

However in the case of Andrews,  hopefully between all her tears, the men and women on the jury can see-through Andrews and her lawyer(s),  as this trial as being nothing more than a get quick rich scheme. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

GOP Leadership Needs To Put Tea Party Genie Back in the Bottle

Sometimes Americans forget that besides the Democrats and the Republicans there are other recognized political parties that are over looked by news media.

It is now time for the GOP to let Tea Party members part ways  and encourage their leadership  to form their own party. 

 The Politics and Elections Portal lists the following recognized political parties and each of the parties'  tenants:

  • America First Party
  • Christian Liberty Party 
  • Citizens Party of the United States 
  • Communist Party of the United States
  • Constitution Party
  • Freedom Socialist Party
  • Green Party  
  • Independent American Party
  • Justice Party 
  • Libertarian Party 
  • Modern Whig Party 
  • Peace and Freedom Party 
  • Prohibition Party 
  • Reform Party 
  • United Marijuana Party
  • United States Pirate Party 
  • Veterans Party of America 

The country cannot afford another 4 years of unnecessary political stalemate. 

If the Republican Party hopes to survive and gain back some respectability as well as work with either a President Clinton or President Trump,  the Party needs to 

  • distance itself from the Tea Party
  • pull all local, state, and national GOP party monies to support dogmatic Tea Party politicians' elections or re-elections
  • and not allow Tea Party members of Congress to caucus with the Republican Party.  

Monday, February 29, 2016

For GOP To Survive, It Needs To Drop Tea Party Association

It is not the first nor the last time that pundits have speculated on the demise of the GOP.   After Watergate, the Republican Party was supposed to fall apart and there have been  three Republican administrations since that dire prediction.

Now pundits like Chuck Todd are going out on a limb predicting the Party is about to implode again.

The problem for the GOP---and actually for the nation--- is that when the Tea Party movement began and the groups goal was to obstruct.   Tea Party obstructionists ended all civility and spirit of cooperation within the Congress and the White House.

GOP moderates found themselves  formulating policies that pleased a Tea Party constituency.   Eventually the Tea Party wing of the party brought on board the likes of Ted Cruz who not only wanted smaller government but wanted a government whose policies were  anti-gay, anti-pro-choice, anti-common sense gun regulations, anti-immigrant and more importantly anti-Obama.

GOP candidates began inserting Christian morality in many of their discussions and ignored  a good portion of the national constituency which does not identify itself  as conservative Christian or those Americans who strongly believe in the separation of religion from the state.

Tea Party Republicans are obstructionists and common sense politicians as John Boehner finally gave up and left the Congress to its own undoing.

And while the Tea Party advocated reduced government spending, they seemed to conveniently overlook any excessive military spending in the quest to fight terrorism.   One of  their own, Senator Rand Paul was ignored by his party when he wanted less international intervention and his views were viewed dismissed as extreme isolationist.

While most of the current crop of politicians of both parties  view their Congressional stints as being a permanent versus a temporary career, the GOP politicians have been overly concerned that if they did not cater to a Tea Party way of thinking they had no chance of being re-elected.

Until the GOP establishment (men and women of practical and moderate conservative thinking) distances itself from the Tea Party the GOP will continue to splinter.

Should the GOP lose the 2016 general election, and they probably will due to increasing lack of civility between the candidates, the GOP needs to oust Tea Party members by not lending them financial support in any of their election drives and quit catering to Tea Party extremists within the Congress.

Let the Tea Party members go along their own way and start their own party.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

GOP Debates Showcase Political Dysfunction

For those who enjoy reality television, much cannot get much crazier and fun to watch than the recent GOP debates.   

Don't watch the debates to get specifics about national issues because that won't happen.

Rather watching so-called leaders tearing each other up with personal attacks should make everyone feel a little bit better about their own dysfunctional families.


And for progressives, they should be feeling so much better as Americans get to view  these mean-spirited  conservatives and wealthy people who think they have what it takes to guide this nation.  

The tragedy on so many levels, is that potentially one of the leaders Americans are watching perform, might be making life and death situations regarding the men and women in military service.   While this "conservative academic brawl" is gong on,  there are Americans who live in poverty, the environment is continuing to deteriorate, and businesses are leaving the country. 

Whoever becomes POTUS needs to be a moderate and not an entrenched ideologue.  He or she  will need to work with the men and women of both parties.   Wrapping oneself around the cloak of "conservatism," and tossing everything out Obama has accomplished will not be good for the nation.   Refusing to even consider  Obama's appointment for a Supreme Court Justice is the most classic example of political obstructionism that most Americans have grown weary of!

The nation cannot afford another decade of allowing infrastructure deterioration. The nation barely survived the divisiveness of Vietnam and the Bush/Cheney destabilization of the Middle East.   And very importantly, the country's leaders need to make the nation a great place to do business so the middle class can grow again and lower income people can eventually achieve middle class status.  

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Where There is Smoke There is Fire---A Good Reason Not To Allow Bill Clinton Back In the White House

When allegations were made against American comedian Bill Cosby by women who claimed Cosby  drugged them then raped them, Americans were a bit surprised that the likable well-educated Bill Cosby could do such things.  

Today, it is hard to find any television networks carrying the syndicated Bill Cosby Show.   

The same applies to former President Bill Clinton.   Over the years, Clinton has been accused of sexual harassment of women, and he got away with it.  And in all likelihood Hillary Clinton knew of it and ignored it or protected his behavior.
This cover up of Clinton's behavior is described by John Nolte in a piece, "The Rap Sheet: The Women Who Claim to Be Victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton".
All of his sexual exploits finally came to a head (so to speak) with the Monica Lewinsky affair which finally he admitted to after lying to the country.

Now there is a very good chance, this sexual leech will be again roaming the White House should his wife become POTUS,

One could argue, that these accusations are fabricated.   But there are way too many to be ignored.   There is an expression, "Where There's Smoke There's Fire,"  and in Clinton's case something did occur.

Source of Image:  "The Rap Sheet: The Women Who Claim to Be Victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton".

Is Hillary unfit to be POTUS because of her husband's mental illness.  Of course not!

In fact Hillary maybe the most knowledgeable and capable of all the candidates and Americans could feel somewhat safe she is in charge versus trigger happy conservatives as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

However, voters should give very serious pause in who they elect as President if it means Bill Clinton ----perhaps an unconvicted rapist---should come with the package.