Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Eligible Voters Who Did Not Vote Assured Trump Presidency

I have always been a Joe Biden fan and when he did not run for President, I was genuinely disappointed.  For establishment Democrats and the press it was assumed Hillary would be the Democratic nominee.  During the primaries, the press gave a wink wink to the Bernie supporters knowing that the Democratic primary was already rigged in Clinton's favor with the so-called super delegates.

Really did not care about Clinton using a private email server---but was genuinely disturbed that she hand picked those email correspondences she thought were relevant to Congress and the FBI.   Any other citizen would have been indicted.

As for the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's highly paid speeches they were symptomatic  how many politicians leave public service and became incredibly wealthy.

As Americans we should be concerned about the Trump family sitting with their father in the White House advising him as they were also elected to the Presidency.   But equally disturbing would have been a White House with ex-President Bill Clinton roaming the halls.

Short of the Electoral College not voting for Trump---which would be correct due to Trump's entanglements with Russia---Americans are stuck with this very creepy and potentially dangerous man as President.

Long and short of it---in 2016 Americans had very poor choices. But Trump did win according to the rule book.

Though concerned about a Trump Presidency--and we all should be--my anger is directed to those low and middle class income eligible voters who did not vote.  

Hopefully all Americans learned a civic lesson that votes do matter.

Just cross our fingers and hope Trump's vision for America is not a nation for the wealthy only!

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