Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Electoral College Needs to Step Up To Plate and Do It's Job

Despite the fact that the candidate I did not vote for won the Electoral College vote and not the popular vote I remain a proponent of the Electoral College.   The reason is simple: it is easier to recount ballots in states to determine the accuracy of a state vote and then awarding of the state's electoral votes to the top vote getter. Secondly, the Electoral College is also reflective of the demographic diversity of the nation.

Lastly and most importantly another function of the Electoral College has always  been to assure a qualified person becomes President and one not beholden to the interests of a foreign government.

In this case, for the first time in history, members of the Electoral College will have to determine if Donald Trump is indeed qualified to be President.  With personal and business ties to Russia and an appearance of lacking necessary Presidential temperament Trump's qualifications are suspect,

The members of the electoral college may have to step up to the plate and vote for the greater good of the nation and not their political affiliation when voting.

Should the Electoral College still elect Trump as an American I and many of us will have to live with the results.  We will have to assume the electoral knew what they were doing when they assembled to vote.

A good read is a short article History of Electoral College  in David Leip's Atlas of  U.S. Presidential Elections. 


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