Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Affluenza Teen Ethan Couch and His Mother Tonya Couch Belong In Prison

People can always spiritually redeem themselves after committing some horrible dead(s).  Fortunately there are many well-known people who can inspire others and have successfully rebuilt a new and better life after their criminal activities. 

Chuck Colson, former Richard Nixon Aid, Sent To Prison and Upon Release Started Prison Fellowship 

But the men and women described in Business Insider's article: 11 Ex Criminals Who Completely Turned Their Lives Around  all completed their jail sentences before they could reenter our communities.  

As unnecessarily tragic people are still being killed by drunk drivers.  However,  there are many of those drunk drivers who sober up and will spend the rest of their lives making amends to either the person(s) they killed or to society an become responsible law abiding citizens.  

These recovering alcoholics  know they can never make up to the family members for the loss that they inflected upon them.   But these recovering alcoholics  at least are trying to conduct their lives correctly and many will have productive and useful lives albeit forever clouded by the people's lives that they took.

But it was quite apparent that the so-called affluenza teen,  Ethan Couch and his mother Tonya Couch  (his biggest enabler), had no intention of changing the way they conducted their lives and fled to Mexico to avoid they younger Couch being charged with probation violation for drinking. 

Affluenza Teen Ethan Couch 
Tonya Couch (Poster Mom for Enabling Bad Behavior)

Whether the affluenza teen chose to drink or not was something only he could do.   But least with his most most lenient sentence and for the duration of his probation he could not drink and maybe try to be a better man.

As for Tonya Couch, she is the poster adult for co-dependent behavior for her alcoholic criminal son and deserves time in jail for her behavior.

Ethan Couch  needs the full force of the law thrown at him so he can contemplate the severity of his actions.   Sitting in an adult prison could serve him well and at least keep this recurring criminal off the streets. 

Perhaps Couch would come out a better man after leaving prison. 

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