Monday, December 28, 2015

Republican Denialism About Global Warming Is A Good Reason to Vote Hillary

The topic of global warming has been avoided as a discussion among the field of Republican candidates.  Perhaps because according to many research / opinion global warming is often times does not make the list of concerns by Americans.

Writing for Truthout, Dean Baker wrote an opinion piece noting that global warming has been virtually ignored by the press when questions are posed to the candidates  about important policies which will be implemented in  any of their presidencies.

Baker noted:

Contrast the coverage of global warming with the near wall to wall coverage of Ebola back in the fall of 2014, a disease that infected a total of three people in the United States. Or, take the current coverage of ISIS. If we envision a worst case scenario for ISIS, there are probably several thousand times as many lives being put at risk by global warming than will ever be threatened by ISIS.

We got an excellent display of the media's ability to ignore global warning in the two presidential debates that took place after the Paris climate talks.  There was not a single question on global warming in either party's debate. 


 Source: Truthout: Treating Global War Denialism Scandal

Americans will have to make decisions on selecting politicians who will address the problems of global warning and the United States response to the recent Paris climate talks.  

CBS news published Where the 2016 Republican candidates stand on climate change.    It is very disheartening that many candidates dismiss the problem as being of course the climate is changing and but what can we do about it.

As a voter all the candidates need to be very specific as to how they hope to address the problem.   And those who summarily dismiss the issue are most likely in the pockets of special interest groups who have a lot to lose with increased EPA regulations.

This voter is by no means a Hillary Clinton fan---however continued Republican denial of global warming would be a good reason to vote for her! 

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