Monday, February 29, 2016

For GOP To Survive, It Needs To Drop Tea Party Association

It is not the first nor the last time that pundits have speculated on the demise of the GOP.   After Watergate, the Republican Party was supposed to fall apart and there have been  three Republican administrations since that dire prediction.

Now pundits like Chuck Todd are going out on a limb predicting the Party is about to implode again.

The problem for the GOP---and actually for the nation--- is that when the Tea Party movement began and the groups goal was to obstruct.   Tea Party obstructionists ended all civility and spirit of cooperation within the Congress and the White House.

GOP moderates found themselves  formulating policies that pleased a Tea Party constituency.   Eventually the Tea Party wing of the party brought on board the likes of Ted Cruz who not only wanted smaller government but wanted a government whose policies were  anti-gay, anti-pro-choice, anti-common sense gun regulations, anti-immigrant and more importantly anti-Obama.

GOP candidates began inserting Christian morality in many of their discussions and ignored  a good portion of the national constituency which does not identify itself  as conservative Christian or those Americans who strongly believe in the separation of religion from the state.

Tea Party Republicans are obstructionists and common sense politicians as John Boehner finally gave up and left the Congress to its own undoing.

And while the Tea Party advocated reduced government spending, they seemed to conveniently overlook any excessive military spending in the quest to fight terrorism.   One of  their own, Senator Rand Paul was ignored by his party when he wanted less international intervention and his views were viewed dismissed as extreme isolationist.

While most of the current crop of politicians of both parties  view their Congressional stints as being a permanent versus a temporary career, the GOP politicians have been overly concerned that if they did not cater to a Tea Party way of thinking they had no chance of being re-elected.

Until the GOP establishment (men and women of practical and moderate conservative thinking) distances itself from the Tea Party the GOP will continue to splinter.

Should the GOP lose the 2016 general election, and they probably will due to increasing lack of civility between the candidates, the GOP needs to oust Tea Party members by not lending them financial support in any of their election drives and quit catering to Tea Party extremists within the Congress.

Let the Tea Party members go along their own way and start their own party.


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