Tuesday, March 1, 2016

GOP Leadership Needs To Put Tea Party Genie Back in the Bottle

Sometimes Americans forget that besides the Democrats and the Republicans there are other recognized political parties that are over looked by news media.

It is now time for the GOP to let Tea Party members part ways  and encourage their leadership  to form their own party. 

 The Politics and Elections Portal lists the following recognized political parties and each of the parties'  tenants:

  • America First Party
  • Christian Liberty Party 
  • Citizens Party of the United States 
  • Communist Party of the United States
  • Constitution Party
  • Freedom Socialist Party
  • Green Party  
  • Independent American Party
  • Justice Party 
  • Libertarian Party 
  • Modern Whig Party 
  • Peace and Freedom Party 
  • Prohibition Party 
  • Reform Party 
  • United Marijuana Party
  • United States Pirate Party 
  • Veterans Party of America 

The country cannot afford another 4 years of unnecessary political stalemate. 

If the Republican Party hopes to survive and gain back some respectability as well as work with either a President Clinton or President Trump,  the Party needs to 

  • distance itself from the Tea Party
  • pull all local, state, and national GOP party monies to support dogmatic Tea Party politicians' elections or re-elections
  • and not allow Tea Party members of Congress to caucus with the Republican Party.  

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