Saturday, February 22, 2014

Don Lemon Should Join MSNBC Where Objective News Reporting Does Not Matter

CNN has a dilemma with Don Lemon. The guy just can't shut up and listen to other people's opinions. Lemon is unabashedly not objective in how he presents the news---and really never has been.

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We are all entitled to an opinion, including Lemon, however his role when asking for personal opinions from people he interviews should be an attempt to listen and not interrupt.    Perhaps CNN has plans for him.   Maybe he is being prepped by CNN to join the ranks of loud mouths Nancy Grace, Chris Matthews, and Bill O' Reilly who confront and interrupt.      

When Lemon temporarily hosted the Erin Burnett OutFront Show he continued to be that pompous know-it-all.   Rather than become annoyed,  my solution, was to quit watching the show  until Ms. Burnett returned. 

But CNN has apparently decided that Don Lemon is the new self-appointed guru on black relations.  And of course, his "insightful expertise"was  called upon to weigh in on the Michael Dunn murder case.

Lemon, not atypical of many Americans, felt he knew all about the Michael Dunn case and the guy should have been convicted of murder. Again his attitude and other pundits like him would be to forget trials and have the defendant tried in the court of public opinion. (Hell, with an attitude like that, let's just forget trials.) 

For Lemon, the jury should have convicted Dunn because he appeared to be a white racist. 

All of Lemon's credibility  was really cooked when  he dismissed  Dunn Juror #8,  twenty one-year-old  African American Creshuna Miles' opinion that the trial was not about race.  According to Lemon and many of his guests,  Miles did not understand the significance of the case  due to her age and lack of life experiences.  

                            Source of Photograph: Legal Insurrection 
Any idiot knew that it was a trial about anyone  being black, white, Asian, male,  female, gay or straight confronting  a person because the music was too loud and in a moment of a perceived threat killing a young man.  That was the essence of the trail and Ms. Miles and the jury got it right that the trial was not about race.

Suddenly television legal "experts"  like Lemon had to add their spin and the trial was racial.  

The supposedly too young and inexperienced Ms. Miles attempted to be an objective juror which speaks more to her abilities than Don Lemon who at age 46 has decided he has the life experiences necessary to be a better juror. 

Lemon has summarily dismissed the opinions of young men and women who serve on a jury.   They can go off to war, but they are incapable of being good jurors. And Lemon is trying to portray that young African Americans are victims of a justice system that is skewed against them. 

The wise solution for CNN is to send Lemon over to MSNBC where objectivity is not considered a good trait to have.  And should Americans have to go to court---particularly those who are white--- had best hope Lemon never serves on their jury. 

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