Monday, February 17, 2014

Potential Legal and Emotional Costs Will Be High If Carrying a Legal Concealed Weapon

With politicians of both parties in the hands of NRA lobbyists and the public misinterpretation of the meaning of the 2nd Amendment, major gun control legislation will not occur in the United States.  

After the fatal shootings of 44 students and faculty at Newton Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary school by a certifiable mentally ill gunman, gun control legislation was passionately discussed.   And after the political cowards in Washington could not agree to some basic and common sense background checks to assure that guns don't fall into the hands of nut cases again, the discussion went silent again.   

With the exception of the families of the victims of gun violence, Americans have a very short memory. 

NRA knows the cycle of public discourse regarding gun control legislation.   The NRA and its puppet politicians stand firm with passive aggression knowing proponents for strict gun control legislation will quietly disappear until another major gun slaughter occurs again.  

Let's face it, responsible gun owners and the NRA has some legitimacy when they continually quote that if guns are outlawed or restricted, only criminals will be carrying the guns.  

Let's face it, criminal thugs of all races and ages will continue to use guns to kill.  .   Unsecured guns falling into the hands of children will likely kill or injure people.  Guns owned by the severely mentally ill will be used in suicides and the killing of others. And of course, an angry family member or friend reaching for a gun has some good chances of having a deadly outcome. 

But maybe it is time, that the NRA work with responsible gun owners and teach them how to own a firearm so that they don't end up on the wrong side of the law. 

George Zimmerman, Curtis Reeves, and Michael Dunn exercised their legal rights and carried a registered concealed weapon.   In a moment of passion and heated exchanges, these three men killed people engaged in annoying but not criminal activities.  

By all accounts, if these three basically good men had not been carrying a gun and would have walked away from any verbal exchanges, their victims:  Trayvon Martin, Chad Oulson, and Jordan Davis would be alive today. 

So here is some simple and practical advice should you wish to prove your point about owning a gun. 

Don't carry a legal and registered concealed weapon into a public location. 

If the weapon is used for your perceived protection, you as the gun owner will be facing thousands of dollars in legal fees proving the shooting was justified.  With either the death or injury of the person shot, a jury may not agree the shooting was justified.  You as the gun owner may end up sitting in prison asking yourself was it really worth carrying the gun and standing your grounds to a perceived threat. 

Unless told differently, the gun owner should remember, the NRA will likely not be picking up any of the legal fees for your defense!

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