Monday, February 9, 2015

Is it a matter of time that the NBC peacock will kick Brian Williams out of the nest

 One of my favorite ads on television is Geico's Did You Know Pinocchio Was a Bad Motivational Speaker?

Pinocchio was caught in a white lie as he tried to assure the member of the audience he has potential to succeed.   

Fortunately our noses don't get long or other body parts elongate when we tell a lie.

There are people who are experts in telling when a person lies as indicated by certain body signs.  In fact, there are several CIA experts who have written a book how to catch someone in a lie without water boarding! 

Once you lie---you have to create a new lie to cover the first lie---and worst yet is remembering what the original lie was about!  

A good memory is needed once we have lied.


 Source:  Notable Quotes 

Well NBC commentator Brian Williams  was recently called out on his "white lie." about his adventures in Iraq after claiming he was in a helicopter that came under fire in Iraq. 


Admittedly after seeing Brian Williams on SNL and other talk shoes he is indeed a very funny guy---perhaps too funny to be a leading newscaster.    Yet when we turned on the NBC news we expected Williams the funny guy to be a serious journalist. 

 Williams decided to temporarily step down as he claimed his "white lie," was starting to dominate the news. 

 Williams is not the first well paid public figure to lie or exaggerate a story. 

 Politicians lie or evade the truth daily.   Presidents have lied to and drew us into the quagmire of Iraq, Vietnam, Watergate, Monicagate etc., 

Corporate leaders continue to lie to save their profits and have screwed the little guy.  

 If you were to Google, "the top liars in history," you will be directed to almost over 94 million results regarding the topic.  Perhaps Williams will be on the list someday. 

However, putting it in perspective, Williams did not get anyone killed or cost the average Joe thousands of dollars unless all your money was invested in NBC. 

NBC has its own way of dealing with people that embarrass or hurt the network financially. Among the victims of the peacock's wrath are:

  • David Gregory was let go from Meet the Press 

  • Anne Curry from the Today Show 

  • Martin Bashir, Alec Baldwin and Keith Olberman were all let go from MSNBC

As a journalist, Williams should be aggressively be going after men and women who lie----but can he really be trusted again as a newsman? 

Williams is now an embarrassment to the big bird and likely he will be kicked out of the nest.   



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