Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Can't Breathe and Other Silly Excuses to Justify Bad Behavior

Of course this won't be a popular blog today.  Have not written for several months.  Call it writer's block or growing disgust with the political and social climate in the world today but just did not feel any pressing desire to write.   But this recent event of the death of the asthmatic Eric Gardner struck a nerve.

Eric Gardner should not have died for selling illegal cigarettes but if  he had just cooperated with cops he'd in all likelihood be alive today.  


Eric Gardener in Police Choke hold

In Cleveland, 12-year-old Tamir Rice was shot by Cleveland police when brandishing a BB gun that was mistaken by police as being  a real gun. In Ferguson Missouri, thugs took to the streets burning the town after the police officer was not charged in the death of the not so saintly Michael Brown.


Michael Brown


None of these black men would be dead today if they had just complied with police orders and not act in a threatening manner.   As for the cops involved, most certainly they did not set out that day to kill a black man.


Tragedy for everyone involved. 


However, with news media assistance, the public is to swallow the mistaken idea that black men are being targeted by police.  These dead men are being portrayed as angelic and their grieving dramatic family members are now becoming spokespeople for all that is wrong with race relations in our country.


Cops are by no means more saintly than the rest of the population.  Their personality make-up is what is needed to perform a job that requires a no-nonsense attitude when confronted by non-compliant suspects whatever their race or gender. 


Cops have chosen their profession knowing all the risks and responsibilities which go with it. All cops are by no means saintly.  In fact some that I have met are young punks in uniforms who enjoy flashing their badge in the spirit of upholding the laws. But in life and death situations, we at one time might have to call on these cop hot shots to save our lives versus the criminal thugs of all races which are attempting to run our streets.   



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