Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Does America Really Need Another Bush or Clinton in the White House or Can America Do Better?

When a man who has accomplished nothing  while being in the Senate except being a Tea Party obstructionist, Americans should gasp when Sen. Marco Rubio announced he is ready to be President!   Rubio is not the only Presidential wannabe.  Of course, political pundits have decided that political bully New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is a person to be seriously considered as a viable candidate.    And  equally hard to stomach is Vice President Joe Biden coyly suggesting he may consider going for the the top prize oblivious that most Americans suffer from Obama fatigue.

So, political pundits are spinning the idea of Hillary Clinton versus a Jeb Bush presidential race.  (And of course these  two career politicians  are doing nothing to dispel the rumor as they are on speaking engagements around the country stoking the fire of speculation.)

Whether she likes to admit it or not, Hillary has the legacy of her husband dragging her down like a ball and chain. 

Though Bill Clinton was elected twice, by the end of his impeachment trial partially fueled by his  lying under oath about his affair with Monica Lewinsky,  many Americans were just plain tired of him.  

Clinton's attempt to redefine blow job was pathetic.  Caught with his pants down, Americans  knew his suggestion that oral sex was not a sexual act in the biblical sense was quite a stretch even in the biblical sense.    

In actuality, most American men knew and perhaps even sympathized that the President just did not want his wife or daughter know that he was a womanizer.   And even more visually disturbing was that big Bubba used his political power to kick it in the White House as he poked and prodded  a young twenty something girl with a cigar. 

Source: Bill Clinton Lies to America "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

However, Clinton's sexual indiscretion paled in comparison to the Bush-Cheney era.

Unlike Clinton's seminal bullets, President Bush's bullets were real and deadly in his search for Saddam Hussein's mythical weapons of mass destruction.  Bush's lie cost thousands of American servicemen their lives, contributed to the ruin of the United States economy, and his actions probably served to justify invasions as the Russian  invasion into the Ukraine.

Source of You Tube Video: Bush laughs at no WMD in Iraq

Jeb Bush would be running on the family legacy of  his relatives involving the nation in three very costly Middle East conflicts.

Though the potential field of qualified Presidential candidates are somewhat slim pickings, do Americans really want a Hillary in the White House with her sexual leech of a husband lurking around? Can America afford a President Jeb seeking  the advice of his big brother and dad on foreign, domestic, and environmental affairs?

It is disconcerting to think that these two families have such pompous arrogance  to consider having  family members serve a second and yet even third time around in the White House.

The question is does America really need another Bush or Clinton in the White House or can America do better?


Source of Cartoon: Hope N Change Cartoons 

Source of Cartoon: About.com Political Humor Bush's Mistakes 

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