Saturday, January 16, 2016

Americans Need To Be Wary Of Eroding Press Freedoms

What is interesting that many ardent second amendment supporters do not have such zeal when there are indeed attempts by politicians to restrict freedom of the press or speech!

Perhaps all Americans need to be wary when the government attempts to curb any restrictions on not only the press but our freedom of speech and right to redress grievances with our elected officials.

There are many good references reminding all Americans of the significance of a free press in preserving an American democracy.   Basically freedom of the press and speech (written or electronic) help to assure the government is accountable to the people which it is to serve.

However, according to Reporters Without Borders, shockingly the United States ranks 32 in assuring press freedoms!  Finland is number one and Canada is ranked 20.  

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists the top 10 nations of the world for press and electronic communication restrictions are:

  • Eritrea
  • North Korea (family run)
  • Saudi Arabia (family run ) 
  • Ethiopia
  • Azerbaijan 
  • Vietnam (communist)
  • Iran (theocracy)
  • China (communist)
  • Myanmar 
  • Cuba (communist) 

It is very easy to see why these nations restrict the press,  Their governments are dictatorships many fueled by religion or restrictive political beliefs which empower only a select few.  A free press or free exchanging of ideas threatens all the regimes of these countries.

As for the United States, under the Obama and Bush Presidencies, the press has been restricted to free information  under the guise of  protecting national security.  

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