Monday, February 10, 2014

Openly Gay Football Star Michael Sam Could Still Have A Lucrative Career In World Of NFL Entertainment

Michael Sam probably did the right thing coming out to the press.   But if he did not "come out," that would have been fine also.  

It is a tragedy that homosexual men and women often times feel the need have to announce to the world their sexual orientation.  Openly coming out may actually be a proactive strike before someone else either in the press, a co-worker, a church member, a scorned lover etc., feel the perverse need  to blow their covers.  

Quite a difference as the heterosexual community does not need to announce to the world their own sexual habits and most certainly their own bedroom peculiarities.   

But regardless of the double standard, before the press turned the young man's sexual orientation into a salacious story, Sam chose to be proactive and smart when he made the decision to come out. 

As for the NFL players in the locker room---hate to say it---get over it.  

It is important to note that Michael Sam is likely not the first gay football player in the NFL.  He is the first openly gay football player. 

Chances are good that there is other gay and bisexual men in their ranks who have chosen not to come out publicly and that remains their prerogative.  And these athletes who have chosen to remain private probably have not made any sexual advances to their straight fellow players or sit in the locker room drooling over all the  testosterone around them. 

Fortunately, in the field of entertainment, and the NFL is in the field of entertainment, coming out has not necessarily been a death knell to promising careers.   

Though I am not an authority on gay history, when actor Rock Hudson "came out" publicly because he was dying of AIDS, actors of both genders cautiously came out.  

 Today there are many prominent openly gay men and women entertainers who are doing quite well at their craft after their sexual orientations became public.   

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