Friday, May 10, 2013

NBA Player Jason Collins Comes Out And So Do His Critics

When NBA basketball player, Jason Collins came out last week my first reaction was "so what," as it seems to be a trend that everyone is jumping proudly out of the closet.

But then, one has to realize Collins coming out is a big deal to that gay black kid who loves basketball and knows he could out play his other play mates on the court and now could pursue an athletic career if he so wishes. Coming out was probably a relief to Collins' former fiancee' Carolyn Moose who did not fully understand why the marriage was called off until his public revelation. 

Elected officials, celebrities, and religious leaders who publicly criticize homosexual men and women,  should offer details and references  regarding their personal bedroom antics that qualifies them to be critics.  Just quoting the Bible or Koran should not be good enough.

These critics need to provide specifics how  their sexual conduct  meet the stamp of God Approved.

Sounds absurd does it not?  But maybe not.

Perhaps those who are quick to interject their opinions on the private sexual lives of others, God has been streaming specific instructions to them that the rest of us just don't have the antennae to receive.

Perhaps these critics know specifics about sexual etiquette that God has not revealed to the rest of us and could answer the following questions about sexual conduct which God could approve

 For example:

  •     During sexual climaxing, should there be silence between both parties?
  •     Should sexual attraction and sexual compatibility be considered when getting married?
  •     Should the sexual act be performed in the dark or in a lighted room? 
  •     Are there sexual positions, which are God Approved, and those, which are not?  (Historically man   has attempted to write books about acceptable positions.)
  •     Is oral sex a sin?  Is it abnormal for either partner to be revolted by oral sex or is one partner being selfish to request oral sexual acts.
  • Why do many heterosexual men like to see and fantasize about two women engage in sexual acts but are totally revolted by men who are gay?
This list could be doubled and be much more specific and would probably offensive to some.  

Common sense is that for the billions of human beings, no sexual performance is exactly alike and can be categorized.  To condemn sexual acts between consenting adults is absurd---and in reality a waste of human energy.  If a critic believes in God, then perhaps they should let God decide if the act between two consenting adults is sinful.

 In our western society, short of rape, brutal incestuous behaviors, and practicing pedophilia,  there really is no universal agreement as to what is correct sexual behavior between consenting adults.   

As a westerner, one can make light of the discussion of sexual conduct.   But in the barbaric world of Muslim justice being just accused of homosexuality could be a death sentence.  A woman raped could be stoned to death.  And if a man or woman is engaged in adultery they could lose their lives.

When you get right down to it, it is nearly impossible to have a correct standard for sexual behaviors between consenting adults. 

No person makes the same noises during the sexual act.  Some physical features may be attractive to one person, but not to another.  One person might love the person, but hate the sexual act.
You should get the picture. 

To publicly come out of the closet is a very personal decision and uniquely a homosexual rite of passage for some.

Coming out could keep a person’s straight friends from arranging dates with persons of the opposite sex.  Coming out may prevent the heartache of a homosexual man or woman taking hostage a heterosexual partner in a marriage that should have never occurred. 

Coming out could allow a person to become fully engaged in society without fear of being outed by people who really don’t care about your well being.  (Often times it is the gay community which publicly outs other men and women who have chosen to keep their lives private.)

Perhaps in as short as a decade from now, at least in the Western world, people will not be defined as being a good person by their sexual orientation  and coming out will just be an old term for an older time.

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