Saturday, April 27, 2013

Diva Kathy Lee Gifford Circulates "We Like Matt Lauer," Petition

Desperate times require desperate measures and that is the case of NBC trying to rescue the reputation of Today Show host Matt Lauer.

Now obviously this writer is not privy to the ins and outs of the intrigues of the politics of news making, but after NBC dropped Anne Curry, the public pointed their finger at Matt Lauer as being responsible for getting rid of her despite Lauer's denial of being involved.

Whether he did or did not, Matt Lauer's popularity dropped dramatically as people suspected he was mixed up in the decision.

After all his years in television, Lauer should know by now that if you worry about what everyone thinks of you then you will be paralyzed.

However,  Diva Kathy Lee Gifford, who has developed shows devoted to telling  us how glamorous she is, has publicly announced she has circulated a petition with the names of television personalities who said that they like Matt!

Well, either he is about to be canned and  the girls and guys around him know something he does not know and don't wish to be despised if Lauer is discharged so they signed the paper.  Or out of pure altruism, the people who signed the petition actually believe that their opinion will sway the public perception of Mr. Lauer as being a sleaze ball who will undercut people to stay ahead.

One can almost imagine Princess Kathy cornering people asking them to sign a petition and then go public with their adulation for Matt. (What if a person refused to sign, would the Princess choke him or her?)

Does Princess Kathy really think the public really cares about Lauer's reputation?  Does she believe co-workers who signed such a petition will somehow rally the troops of viewers who will see the error of their perception and realize Matt is a loveable kind of guy.

Friends or colleagues supporting Lauer  who have signed  that petition to say that he is actually a nice guy really did not do him a favor.

What this petition demonstrates is that the rich and famous television personalities operate in a vacuum publicly patting each on the back. They actually believe that they somehow still can relate to the average Joe who will never earn the exaggerated incomes they  are paid as they ride to the defense of one of their own overpaid television personalities.

Perhaps the recent problems of Lauer  have nothing to do with the Anne Curry firing.

The balding 50-year-old is no longer the sex symbol or boy genius the network promoted in his early career.   Lauer has just run his course of popularity and it is time to step down so younger hosts with more hair can step in to the morning time slot. 

Lauer probably should just join Ann Curry and former CBS network anchor Dan Rather and either reinvent himself or kick back and enjoy his millions retired on a beach.

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