Saturday, February 27, 2016

GOP Debates Showcase Political Dysfunction

For those who enjoy reality television, much cannot get much crazier and fun to watch than the recent GOP debates.   

Don't watch the debates to get specifics about national issues because that won't happen.

Rather watching so-called leaders tearing each other up with personal attacks should make everyone feel a little bit better about their own dysfunctional families.


And for progressives, they should be feeling so much better as Americans get to view  these mean-spirited  conservatives and wealthy people who think they have what it takes to guide this nation.  

The tragedy on so many levels, is that potentially one of the leaders Americans are watching perform, might be making life and death situations regarding the men and women in military service.   While this "conservative academic brawl" is gong on,  there are Americans who live in poverty, the environment is continuing to deteriorate, and businesses are leaving the country. 

Whoever becomes POTUS needs to be a moderate and not an entrenched ideologue.  He or she  will need to work with the men and women of both parties.   Wrapping oneself around the cloak of "conservatism," and tossing everything out Obama has accomplished will not be good for the nation.   Refusing to even consider  Obama's appointment for a Supreme Court Justice is the most classic example of political obstructionism that most Americans have grown weary of!

The nation cannot afford another decade of allowing infrastructure deterioration. The nation barely survived the divisiveness of Vietnam and the Bush/Cheney destabilization of the Middle East.   And very importantly, the country's leaders need to make the nation a great place to do business so the middle class can grow again and lower income people can eventually achieve middle class status.  

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