Thursday, February 25, 2016

Where There is Smoke There is Fire---A Good Reason Not To Allow Bill Clinton Back In the White House

When allegations were made against American comedian Bill Cosby by women who claimed Cosby  drugged them then raped them, Americans were a bit surprised that the likable well-educated Bill Cosby could do such things.  

Today, it is hard to find any television networks carrying the syndicated Bill Cosby Show.   

The same applies to former President Bill Clinton.   Over the years, Clinton has been accused of sexual harassment of women, and he got away with it.  And in all likelihood Hillary Clinton knew of it and ignored it or protected his behavior.
This cover up of Clinton's behavior is described by John Nolte in a piece, "The Rap Sheet: The Women Who Claim to Be Victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton".
All of his sexual exploits finally came to a head (so to speak) with the Monica Lewinsky affair which finally he admitted to after lying to the country.

Now there is a very good chance, this sexual leech will be again roaming the White House should his wife become POTUS,

One could argue, that these accusations are fabricated.   But there are way too many to be ignored.   There is an expression, "Where There's Smoke There's Fire,"  and in Clinton's case something did occur.

Source of Image:  "The Rap Sheet: The Women Who Claim to Be Victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton".

Is Hillary unfit to be POTUS because of her husband's mental illness.  Of course not!

In fact Hillary maybe the most knowledgeable and capable of all the candidates and Americans could feel somewhat safe she is in charge versus trigger happy conservatives as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

However, voters should give very serious pause in who they elect as President if it means Bill Clinton ----perhaps an unconvicted rapist---should come with the package.


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