Thursday, October 4, 2012

Israel Should Become 51st American State

When I retrieved the mail today there was campaign literature saying that Mitt Romney’s first foreign trip as President will be to Israel.  Now that is exciting news perhaps to potential Jewish supporters.   But the announcement is about as silly as if either candidate in an attempt to lure Catholic voters would announce a future  journey to the Vatican with promises to sell some nuclear warheads to the Pope and the College of Cardinals.

There is an entire site called Jews for Romney which describes in detail how American Jews and the People of Israel have been offended by the stance of the Obama Presidency with regards to  Israeli and United States relations.  Some advertisement by Jewish Republicans who dislike Obama (can't believe this one!) complain about the President's rudeness to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu!

And equally as patronizing are the President’s attempt to bend over backwards to demonstrate he loves Israel as much as he does the United States.

During election years, it is a very silly  contest between both parties attempting to demonstrate which party loves Israel the most! 

The United States is so allied with Israel, that if Israel unilaterally decides to take out Iran’s nuclear power plants, ultimately the United States would have to protect Israel against a guaranteed Arab world backlash.

Pardon the irony of the expression, Israel is most certainly the Mecca of Democracy, in the Middle East versus all the other autocratic nations which surround the country.   

But in terms of its own quest to becoming as well as maintaining an independent nation status, Israel is most certainly not an innocent victim and has been a participant to the continual crazy Middle East saga since the nation's earliest inception.

Let's face this fact.   In the United States, if you criticize American  close ties with Israel your comments may be viewed as traitorous or anti-Semitic. 

Israel has been viewed as an  extension of the United States territory and politicians on both sides of the aisle court the Israeli vote as if they were American citizens. 

So let’s just quit the arguing and end the blurred relationship with Israel and propose to the citizens of Israel that they vote to become the 51st American state.   

There is precedence as the United States added the Republic of Texas to our collection of states in 1845. (That relationship was short lived when Texas joined the Confederate Union!)  And certainly,  there are many Cuban Americans who believe that in addition to Cuba's Guantanamo,  the rest of Cuba will be seized to become an American state or at least a territory like Puerto Rico.


And as an extra incentive for the citizens of  Israeli  to vote for statehood, the Star of David will be the 51st star on the American flag.  

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