Thursday, February 27, 2014

Posing of Russian Troops On Ukraine Border Is World History Repeating Itself

Often times, history has a tendency to repeat itself.  The similarities between Hitler's Germany and Putin's Russia are frightening and a good example as to why history should be studied and appreciated.  
The ominous similarities between Hitler's Germany and Putin's Russia are: 

  • Adolf Hitler showcased the post WW1 with the Nazi theme 1936 Summer Olympics.  Russian President Vladimir Putin showcased the new Russia with the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics games.

  • Hitler's Germany started to persecute Jews, homosexuals, and those opposed to the Nazi regime.  Putin's Russia now has laws against homosexuals, has been cracking down on dissidents, and corruption among Russian  power brokers runs rampant in the nation. 

  • Hitler used his sheer personality to drive the direction of Germany as he  eliminated all potential political competition.   Putin has a media blitz presenting himself as a virile athletic man and has succeeded to amend the Russian constitution to assure he could be elected President for his current 6-year term. 

  • Hitler used the excuses to invade Czechoslovakia and Poland to "rescue” the German speaking minorities in those countries. Today Russia has 140, 000 soldiers on its shared border with the Ukraine almost poised to intervene in the country which has a large ethnic Russian population which has remained sympathetic to Russia.   

When Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia and other territories, the war weary west caved in with assurances from the Fuhrer to British PM Neville Chamberlain that he would quit taking more territory.  

And today, should Putin invade the Ukraine, there is very little the western powers will be able or willing to do.   

There are some major  difference between Hitler's Germany and Putin's Russia.  The Russians have an A-bomb and very valuable natural resources and it would be suicidal for nations to take them on. 

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