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Parents Will Find Own Ways To Raise Children And Likely Criticized By Onlookers

Spanish bull fighter Francisco Rivera Ordodonez caused quite an uproar when he took his young daughter to his job at the slaughter house (rather bull ring).

Despite his own father being gored by a bull when he was 36 years old, the 42 year old  matador treated bringing his daughter to the bull ring as  just another father /daughter day at  the office.


Despite the criticism from his fans in Spain, Orodonez claims that his daughter was never going to be any safer than she was in his arms.

Orodonez is not the only celebrity in recent memory who has engaged in some behavior with a child that was deemed to be reckless by an outraged public. 

The late Michael Jackson was legendary for the love of children both  in and out of his bedroom.   However when he was in Berlin Germany, he dangled his then infant son, Prince Michael, over a balcony to his adoring fans.  

The Prince of Pop apologized and by all accounts, Prince Michael has turned out to be an okay young man.

Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin,  really caught heck when he held  his baby daughter Bindi as he fed a snapping  crocodile.  Well the event apparently did not harm the 17 year old Bindi's psyche as she went on to perform in Dancing With The Stars and continues to remain  a favorite of Australian and international audiences.

Another example  of Parents Gone Wild  was back in 2009, when fame seeking Colorado parents Richard and Maymi Heene alarmed the nation that  their young six year old son  Falcon was floating across the country side in a home made untethered helium balloon.

Turns out the boy was never in the balloon and his parents were busted so to speak when young Falcon said the stunt was to get on national television.

Falcon's parents served some jail time for child endangering and young Falcon and his siblings have continued the family goal of finding fame and fortune by starting a teenage rock band.

There are some very broad descriptions of a particular American generations and how each generation raises their children. 

The Atlantic writer, Philip Bump wrote an entertaining and informative  piece entitled,  When Each Generation Begins and Ends According to Facts.

 Bump offers a narrative of what defines each American generation and also supplied a graphic showing the generational breaks.  Labels for generations can be coined by someone as Tom Brokaw's Greatest Generation or an organization as the  U.S. Census Bureau's Baby Boomers.

Source of Graphic: When Each Generation Begins and Ends According to Facts.  

Generations  born after 2004 are still being defined and are appropriately labeled TBD (To Be Determined).  

Technologies, world events, economic earnings, education, etc., all help to define each generation and how its members  react to the world.

My generation is Baby Boomers.  A Baby Boomer is defined a  person who was born  between 1946 and l964.  This generation, my generation, began when there were over 77 million American babies born after WW2.

According to Investopedia,

The baby boomer generation makes up a substantial portion of the North American population.  Representing nearly 20% of the the American public, baby boomers have a significant impact on the economy.   As as result, baby boomers are often the focus of marketing campaigns and business plans. 

A Baby Boomer is apt to say about those born after him that the younger generation does not have the same work ethic as he did when he was growing up.  Many of the Greatest Generation probably made similar observations  about the Baby Boomers who protested the Vietnam War and smoked pot!

The Baby Boomers were said to be spoiled by parents who probably were just happy to come home from WW2  in one piece.   Today's Baby Boomers seek out Viagra, color their hair, are beginning to wear adult diapers, suffer heart attacks and are taking care of their parents from The Greatest Generation.

Now when Baby Boomers go to their doctor they are apt to say, "the doctor is young enough to be my grandchild!"


However, back in the days, when  people actually turned pages to read a book,  pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Spock authored a book entitled Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care.  This book was on my parents' book shelf as well as almost 14 million other American book shelves.

Spock advocated a common sense approach to child care and was against corporal punishment.   

Because so many American parents  read Dr. Spock's book,  and supposedly followed his recommendations against corporal punishment, people attributed that was the reason Baby Boomers disobeyed authority and protested the Vietnam War.

The Greatest Generation probably would have never engaged in the parental antics that are posted on social media as YouTube or on reality television shows.  

Besides Dr. Benjamin Spock,  Ward and June Cleaver on the television show Leave It To Beaver, showed parents how to tackle certain family situations without getting too excited.

Cleaver Family 

Today Generations' X ,  Y, and Millenial  parents can turn to television personalities as the charlatan Dr. Phil McGraw  or Dr. Oz for   their "expert" advice on how to raise children. 

However, no matter how many experts offer an opinion on child rearing, most families will find their own unique way to raise a child and likely be criticized by onlookers. 

Source of Photograph:  Sky Diving Baby by vinjack 13



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