Tuesday, January 26, 2016

If A Moderate Is Not A Nominee Of Either Party, Bloomberg Might Be What the Nation Needs

Just because a person is a billionaire does not mean their purpose is to participate in world domination.  But let's face it, if you have a billion dollars in your pocket your view of the world has to be a bit skewed as you sit in your mansion.

Other than health or personal social issues a wealthy person really does not have much too worry about like the rest of the 99% of the world.  A billionaire can say what is on his or her mind and really could care less what people think of them.

Billionaires do contribute a lot to philanthropies and if they did not many fine organizations would go under without their assistance.

Search on the Internet for the top philanthropists---and there are different lists but on all those lists there are with some reoccurring names---and one cannot help but be impressed with some of the foundations this elite group of people have contributed to.

Tax billionaires too high and one could almost guarantee philanthropic contributions will drop.

The real danger for America is not there are billionaires, rather it is  that our elected  politicians are in the pockets of special interest groups and vote accordingly to keep their campaign war chests full.  Most of the special interest groups are backed by billionaires of course.

Many of the politicians view their jobs in Washington or their respective state houses as a permanent career move and they will do what is necessary to secure their jobs. 

Michael Bloomberg, former NYC mayor, has threatened to run if Trump is the Republican nominee and Bernie Sanders is the Democratic nominee.  If this should happen, Bernie Sanders said  it would be him against a wealthy oligarchy.

The Sanders rhetoric is to stir the troops so they would come out in force to vote for him.   It would be conceivable that with a divided electorate, Sanders could be President!  

Sanders is a good guy rightly worrying about Americans at the lowest economic levels.   However, he belongs in the Senate as many of his ideas do make sense and can act as a counter weight to the politicians in the pockets of the lobbyists.

Putting  Sanders  in charge of the Executive Branch could be polarizing.

 A Sanders Presidency would put the country into greater debt and due to entrenched politicians it could be 4 years of stalemate as conservatives and moderates dig in to fight his socialist agenda!

Politics is the art of compromise.   Can a Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or Bernie Sanders compromise?  Or will either of these three men  be so entrenched in their ideologies that the Executive and Legislative Branches will continue with their  current destructive partisanship?

As the primaries are beginning, hopefully moderate candidates are nominated that do not have the  the scorch and burn mentality or throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Not everything Obama accomplished has been bad for the nation. 

In actuality, a  third party candidate may be good for this country as the two parties have actually spent any good feelings Americans may have for them.  It might very well be that  independents and moderates of both parties may actually embrace a Michael Bloomberg candidacy.

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