Monday, January 25, 2016

Creepy and Narcissistic Politicians Infect Both Parties

Americans should  know by now, the current crop of candidates of both parties running for President are narcissistic and many of them and their family members  are actually a bit creepy.

There are creepy politicians in both parties as the following:

  • New York Rep Anthony Weiner (D) texting explicit messages and photos with young women
  • John Edwards (D) affair with woman as wife was battling cancer 
  • New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D) solicited prostitutes
  • Idaho Sen Larry Craig (R) tapping foot in  airport bathroom stall for male sex 
  • Louisiana Sen David Vitter (R) solicited prostitutes
  • Nevada Sen David Ensign (R) sex with staff member 
  • South Carolina Gov. David Sanford (R) year long affair with an overseas mistress
  • Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R) paying off  blackmail money to cover sexual exploits with young boys when a high school teacher 

To make a run for President a man or woman has to have a very big ego and most likely cannot run unless they have the backing of his or her spouse. Running in a national campaign candidates' spouses, children, siblings can all become targets by political opponents, pundits, the news media, and blog writers!

Often times, a President's parents, siblings, or adult children can prove to be an embarrassment. Jimmy Carter had brother Billy Carter.  Bill Clinton had half brother Roger and his colorful mother Virginia Kelly.  George W, Bush had party-loving adult daughters and his adoring mother Barbara  and the long shadow of his father's presidency.

Next to the Clintons, another dysfunctional family in the White House was the Kennedys.  

The myth of Camelot has gradually been dispelled as the public has learned that the "beloved" John Kennedy was a known womanizer and more than likely he and his brother Bobby passed actress Marilyn Monroe between them.

Franklin Roosevelt's mother was legendary with interfering in his marriage to his wife  Eleanor.  After being caught in a couple of affairs, Roosevelt  swore not to do it again or at least get caught.  Of course the four term President died in the arms of his mistress.

So now we are entering the long political year and we can see our future leaders acting like children and one should dread that one of these dufuses will occupy the White House.

When Barbara Bush was asked about her son running for President a couple years ago, she replied:  

I think it’s a great country, there are a lot of great families, and it’s not just four families or whatever. There are other people out there that are very qualified, and we’ve had enough Bushes.

There were many people hoping that the nation would not be put through another nightmare of another Bush Presidency and that Jeb would have listened to his mother.

But Jeb did not honor his mother and plunged into a Presidential campaign which is now plummeting.

So to let Americans know that despite his failing campaign, he has the support of his mama Barbara, Jeb pulled out all the stops and put her in a campaign ad endorsing him as President.


In many conservative circles, the outspoken Barbara Bush remains popular and many were upset when Donald Trump, acting just like the  little boy bully that he is, ran to his computer and twittered:  

Just watched Jeb's ad where he desperately needed mommy to help him. Jeb --- mom can't help you with ISIS, the Chinese or with Putin.

And in defense of his mother, the loyal son Jeb also ran to his computer and tweeted back:

I'd be careful Donald

In another campaign ad, the ever not so lovable Ted Cruz marched his family out for the cameras to produce a campaign ad.  His daughters asked "cute" questions to their father as he read  Dr. Seuss type books to his precocious daughters on how their daddy will save Americans from the big bad liberals.

The Washington Post cartoonist, Ann Telnaes drew a now famous cartoon depicting a Grinch dressed Cruz manipulating his children as trained monkeys to muster support for him.

The Senator was offended. The Washington Post withdrew the cartoon due to a supposed public outcry. Cruz capitalized on the staged brouhaha  and asked for a cool million dollars in donations to fight the liberals and the press who attacked his family and of course the American family.

The three times married Donald Trump as well as his other Republican rivals really know what God and Jesus wants for America.   Besides throwing out illegal immigrants and Muslim immigrants, many of the candidates definitely do not want government sanctioned same sex marriage.

Always reminding us that he is the son of a Cuban immigrant bartender, Marco Rubio apparently saved  his son Dominic from a possible pool drowning. Rubio  saw the light and now values his family even more.

Of course, the supposedly born again Catholic Rubio, knows that same sex marriage is destroying American Christian values and is of course against Catholic teachings.   So by golly when he is in the White House besides flexing American muscles overseas, a President Rubio will work hard to end government sanctioning of the sinful practice of same sex relationships.

Former Alaskan Republican Governor Sarah Palin is always invoking the notion that conservative values are best for the American family.   Despite the fact her daughter Bristol had a baby out of wedlock and more recently her son beat the crap out of his girl friend she feels she knows how a good Christian family should act.

Palin, a gun toting Alaskan hillbilly claims she is a Mama Grizzly when it comes to protecting her crazed family and their shootouts at the Palin family homestead. In true Palin fashion, she blames her troubled son's issues on President Obama not funding enough for veteran care.

Now that Hillary wants to be President, Americans should shudder knowing her sexually deviant husband will be lurking through the White House.  

Bubba Clinton  pulled his penis out of his pants for his intern, poked a cigar in areas of  Monica's body and splattered his DNA (semen) on her dress.  And all along, the perverted President vehemently denied having sexual relations with that woman.  Of course Bubba recanted after trying to convince everyone that oral sex was not sex and Clinton took the nation to the brink of an impeachment trial over his lying to the special prosecutor.

Other than encouraging people to eat better or black men stepping up to act responsibly  and raise their families, Barack and Michelle Obama have not lectured Americans about family values and both have embraced diversity.

So unless there is a scandal Americans don't know about, the Obama family (as the Bidens) has been quiet and have probably demonstrated how a non-dysfunctional family should  act in public office.

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