Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Trump Is Right----Deport More People From USA

With over 30,000 annual gun deaths in the United States, maybe Donald Trump's message of zero tolerance for criminals and potential criminals is starting to resonate with more Americans.   Perhaps Trump  is right about restricting or deporting potential groups of people that are perceived as  potential terrorists.  

We all know by now Trump is out to get Muslims and Hispanics. But here are some other groups which should be deported or at least locked up to protect Americans.   

Potential deportees are: 

All members of the NRA  as well as the politicians in the organization's pocket who have lacked the balls to bring some form of gun regulation in the country.  Let's face it,  the lack of sensible gun regulation is a major reason that the guns are available to our own home grown domestic terrorists.  

First on the list ready for deportation would be NRA President Wayne LaPierre.   Ship him and his gun toting friends off with his arsenal to a place he can shoot, hunt, or kill to their hearts content.   

NRA President Wayne LaPierre 

When President Trump is rounding up illegal immigrants, he might as well grab all the gang members in the United States. 

With over a million gang members in the United States, this may prove costly, but this action would appear to be less discriminatory as American gangs include all races, nationalities, genders, and ages.  

Drop the gang members  into Syria and these terrorist gangster punks might take on ISIS and hopefully  each group will  just kill each other off.

Anyone from Italy or those who have an Italian heritage need to go also.  The  Italians have given us the Mafia, Catholicism,  and Benito Mussolini.   Germany caused us enough problems over the years and so deport German Americans and all those crazy  radicalized German American Lutherans.

American Gangster Italian Al Capone 

All naturalized citizens from Slovenia.    Don't know about you---really don't know much about Slovenia ---- nor do I ever care to learn more---but Slovenia and all nations from that area of Europe have a growing criminal element.  

Unfortunately, this deportation  will include Donald's third wife Melania who likely sneaked  into the back door of the United States along with other immigrants and became a naturalized citizen.   The two of them even had a son who by birth became an American citizen!  

I'll top Trump's position regarding children of illegal immigrants becoming a United States citizen.  If both parents were not born in the United States, then their offspring cannot become an American citizen.  We need to preserve the purity of who really is an American. 

Trump made it his goal over the years to discredit President Obama's citizenship.   Well the documents do exist that the President was born a United States citizen.   

However, Trump's wife is most definitely a naturalized American and frankly her allegiance is probably to  Slovenia versus the United States.  A naturalized American from Slovenia bedding down in the White House  is indeed very disturbing. 

Melania Trump----Naturalized American from Slovenia Hoping to be America's Next First Lady 

For many bigoted Americans, Trump's ideas are appealing.   It is time Trump's  list of potentially violent people be expanded and thugs---real or imagined--be escorted out of the United States.   

As Donald Trump knows, to hell with political correctness! 

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