Sunday, December 6, 2015

The story of Chicken Little and American politicians

Many of us are familiar with the story of Chicken Little.  An acorn drops on Chicken Little's head and she mistakenly believes the sky is falling and  goes about warning her community about the impending doom.

A good story about how  mistaken beliefs can leading to mass paranoia and fear of impending doom. 

Similarly, after the San Berdino and Paris shootings, politicians and the news media have stoked a theme  that terrorists are hiding among us ready to shoot and kill us.   

Most of the Republican presidential candidates, with the exception of Rand Paul, use classic right-wing demagoguery about engaging in new ground wars to wrestle territory from ISIS forces.   

And ISIS wants western involvement to engage in battles which will kill not only western troops but well as the beleaguered civilian populations which the western powers say they are rescuing.  It is indeed interesting that many of those politician that want a ground war involvement never served in the  military service nor have sons or daughters of current military age that could be killed in such a confrontation.

Americans should be very leery of politicians who claim they can defeat ISIS in a ground war.   If  history is any indication, the coalition victors in Iraq and Afghanistan saw western backed corrupt politicians replace the ones which were thrown out.  

The military intervention in Iraq is and the mismanagement of the country after the war is what lead to the very radical thinking of ISIS,

Future mass shootings will occur because there are very sick violent people in our society as well as and there  is no gun regulations.   However in any future shootings, people will be looking for an ISIS connection should the gunmen happen to be Muslim.

As we learned last night, President Obama will not commit to putting many more troops on the ground to engage in what would likely be another ten year war.   In a prime time event,  the President finally publicly challenged Muslim leaders to route out terrorists among their believers.  

Terrorism is a long term problem and will not be corrected by bombing the hell out of people overseas and adopting a paranoia belief that many young American Muslims are secretly terrorists.  

Americans should be happy we have a rational man and not a trigger happy politician sitting in the Oval Office.  

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