Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Hated Press Should Just Quit Reporting on Trump

The news media just gives more air time to Donald Trump every time the big schlong opens his mouth.   

The billionaire comedian professes not to like reporters ----- as do most politicians----yet he and all politicians owe their very existence to the news media which reports on them every day.   

Let's face it, turning on the national news daily it seems the top news stories are meaningless polls telling Americans where the politicians stand in Iowa or New Hampshire or wherever.   

Surely there has to be more news worthy stories besides the day to day reporting and over analyzing of everything that comes out of Trump's mouth.  

But since Trump dislike reporters as do his more rabid followers, just quit reporting on him and concentrate on the other candidates and give them the news coverage.   

Could almost guarantee the big schlong and his minion of followers will be clamoring and twittering that they want the hated press back. 

Trump is a media creation and hopefully cooler Republican voters will select a candidate that has the temperament to be President. 

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