Thursday, December 24, 2015

If Based Only On Good Looks, Senator Marco Rubio Would Be Most Qualified To Be President

To pull at American heart strings, Senator Marco Rubio to the point of aud nauseum tells all that care to listen that he is the son of a bar tender Cuban immigrant.  Perhaps that story worked well the citizens of Florida but in a Republican party of bigotry  and anti-immigrants the tale might not resonate quite as well.

 There are many Americans of both parties who will not vote for Rubio because gosh darn it he can't manage his money. Rubio stole money from the Florida Republican  Party to take a family vacation.  (Rubio claimed it was all a misunderstanding and he has since paid back the money.) 

Being very much a career politician, there are others who think the smooth talking freshman senator from Florida all along had no intention of completing his job as a United States senator.  Rather he  planned on using his elected  post as stepping stone  to run for President.   Rubio has one of the worst Senate attendance records and justifies  his poor attendance due to his narcissistic desire to run for President  and take the United States on a journey of fighting wars around the world. 

Despite his claims he is the future of America, Rubio  really hopes voters will  forget about his  unscrupulous handling of money and his poor work attendance.

But Rubio has another very marketable asset that none of the other candidates can claim.   Rubio and his supporters can just throw it in the other candidates' faces.  Rubio  is just so darn handsome! 

Television MSNBC Hardball commentator Chris Matthews goes on record often time remarking  that Senator Marco Rubio is cute and he just might get many votes because he does have that all American boy next door look.

In an era with Republicans seriously considering Trump for president, it makes sense to consider selecting the Napoleonic stature and Gentleman Quarterly good looking Rubio also for President. 

But besides being cute as ever, Rubio  has a gorgeous wife who jiggled her chest while performing as a Miami Dolphin cheerleader.  As a potential first lady, Marco's wife Jeannette will turn people's heads and give rise to the schlong in the pants of every beer drinking,  gun toting,  Muslim / reporter hating,  blue collar evangelical Christian. 

And with the good looking  DNA in their genes, the merger of Marco's sperms  and Jeannette's eggs have produced great looking children. 

Should the Rubios have the good fortune of taking up residence at the White House, they will bring along their photogenic young children.     The hated press will have a good time photographing the family as the rug rats rush out to visit dad and mom when they exit Air Force One.  

Not since the very beautiful Irish Catholic Kennedys were in the White House, Americans may now have the opportunity to again have a truly photogenic  First Family occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Rather than the Kennedy Camelot, Americans will experience  a little Havana in the White House!  

God bless America and God bless Castro for sending the Rubios to America! 

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