Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Time For Lower Tier Republican Candidates To Leave Race

The protective casings around cereal grains is referred to as chaff.   So when wheat, barley, rye, or rice  are harvested,  the chaff is removed.   The seeds become human food and the discarded chaff is  plowed back into the ground or fed to livestock.

The idiom or phrase, separating the wheat from the chaff, refers to separating the useful from the not useful.  This phrase best describes what is now happening during the Republican primaries.

Trump not appearing at the Fox Republican Presidential debate should have allowed Republican voters the opportunity to see those other candidates without being overshadowed by his antics.  At the end of the debate, voters should have begun to separate those  which have some merit and  have a realistic chance to win the nomination and United States Presidency. 

By now, political pundits and voters know Donald Trump is dead serious about becoming Commander-in-Chief.  Voters need to listen closely to what Trump says and demand that he provide more specifics on his blue print  to  make  America great again. 

The Republican dog and pony show is not quite over yet.  However, those candidates in the lower tier of popularity (2% or less support) should drop out and free up their supporters and donors so other viable candidates can be backed.

Candidates in the lower tier ---actually might be very good if not the most capable to be President.   However their messages have not resonated due to lack of a campaign war chest or organization.  

These low tiered candidates are chaff and for them to  remain in the race  is pure vanity and serves no meaningful purpose except to distract. 

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