Monday, February 8, 2016

Chris Christie Correct To Attack Marco Rubio's Lack Of Job Credentials

Senator Marco Rubio, the golden boy of the Republican elite  decided that he did not have to put his heart into being a good elected United States Senator.   Rubio rather jumped right into going for the top political prize of President of the United States. 

Cruz and Rubio both have launched attacks against Obama for how he has governed, but don't like to remind voters they also have as much inexperience that candidate Obama had when he made his first run for President.  

Americans don't need first term inexperienced Senators Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz to occupy the White House.   Neither men put their energies into the jobs that they were elected to and either were obstructionists or just plain absent from their jobs campaigning for President.   Essentially both men cheated their constituency who voted for them by not reporting to work. 

It indeed was refreshing that Chris Christie went after the Senator and hopefully other candidates challenge Rubio.

The verbal exchange was long overdue.   

Before Republicans vote for the son of a Cuban immigrant bartender or a senator who in the past year just denounced his Canadian citizenship, they should seriously consider the three other candidates that bring good credentials to be considered for being Commander-In-Chief.

Along with Donald Trump, current Governors John Kasich (Ohio) and Chris Christie (New Jersey), and former Governor Jeb Bush (Florida) have measurable job performance track records that both Cruz and Rubio lack.

Americans would be better served if either of these four men occupied the White House versus the two inexperienced junior senators. 

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