Monday, February 1, 2016

O'Reilly Begging Trump To Attend Debate Was Dismal Television

Well yesterday's blog was slamming Chris Matthews for dismissing Taylor Gipples' comments to Hillary Clinton as "nervy" and inappropriate for a young man his age to address Clinton about people's perception of her as being dishonest.  

But the past week's most dismal news media event was Bill O'Reilly begging Donald Trump to attend the Fox's Republican Candidates National Debate.   

Well Trump refused because he does not like Meghan Kelly, views her as a terrible reporter and therefore would not field any questions from her.  (Reporters beware of a President Trump not fielding questions if he ever feels  insulted!) 

Even after bribing the billionaire Trump with milk shakes, O'Reilly's pleas were of no avail.

Trump and O'Reilly During Happier Times!

The entire exchange was embarrassing for Fox News as well as  O'Reilly and much of the national news media viewed the exchange as pathetic.

Source of Video:  TYT Nation

American voters  should probably have been pleased that Trump was not at the debate. 

Without Trump's presence, the other candidates could present their views and attack Ted Cruz without being over shadowed by Trump who has broken every rule on political correctness much as the young Taylor Gipple's comments to Clinton!

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