Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jody Arias, Beverly Hills Housewives, Swamp People, Celebrity Gossip Have Made A Lot Of Money for Television

About a week ago I was too lazy to change the television station and television producer Andy Cohen was interviewing his Bravo cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Admittedly, the all too blond cast of older, mean, caddy, rich women dishing it out on each other is what caught my attention first.

However, I was more amazed how Andy Cohen delved into interviewing the women as if their comments and lives were indeed newsworthy.

Obviously Cohen knows what it takes to attract an audience and has made his millions providing for what the public wants.

And though Cohen’s stereotypical caring gay gossip hairdresser style oozes out of his mouth, heterosexuals have their own list of stereotypes to draw upon.

The successful and serious businessman is captured in the likes of Donald Trump’s surprisingly very successful Celebrity Apprentice. Nothing is more masculine than watching a billionaire firing a celebrity without flinching or the reality television of professional athletes playing children's games for millions of dollars.

When Jody Arias gutted her boy friend----she probably never knew she would make for good reality television.

The Jody Arias trial has made millions for CNN. Much like the Casey Anthony Trial, television personalities Nancy Grace, Jane Velez - Mitchell (the nations most non-anonymous member of AA)  and showman Dr. Drew have made millions for their employer CNN.

America's Most Non-Anonymous Member of AA

Single handedly, this CNN trio  have made a basically non-newsworthy murder into a show that has captured a portion of the United States viewing audience.
With each salacious detail of Arias’s sex life being revealed, CNN cleverly knows what to release to wet the appetite of their audience.

Entertainment Tonight, E!, Showbiz Tonight  etc., have turned celebrity gossip into newsworthy events.

Do the macho and feminine and photogenic hosts of these shows actually believe they are journalists and their scoops will contribute to the betterment of the nation. Or do they know that actually they are nothing more than peeping Toms who just enjoy watching and reporting on people’s misery and mistakes.

Reality television also appeals to America’s male red neck audience. Swamp People, Ax Men, and Ice Road Truckers are just a few that appeal to an audience who enjoys fightin', cussin', and killin’ animals for sport.

Seductively, these History Channel shows are presented to show how the other half of the United States lives. When viewing those shows and other similar to them, one can smell both the cigarette smoke and the human sweat pouring from the casts’ pores.

After viewing these shows many viewers just kiss the desk that they sit at to make a living.
But these television shows and many more will probably be in the making for years to come. And if you don’t like them----rather despise them---just turn the channel.    But chances are excellent, you'll find one that catches your fancy!


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