Monday, March 18, 2013

Was Ed Schutlz Replaced for Being a Democratic Party Rah Rah?

Of all the MSNBC television personalities that reminds me of a regular Joe you would meet on the street it would have to be Ed Schultz.   At least on television, he appears to be a regular guy and has been a man who has had an evolution from being a conservative thinker to a progressive thinker 

MSNBC decided to move Schultz from prime time television to Saturday and Sunday from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.   Intellectual liberal Chris Hayes will replace him.

For those of us with a progressive bent and pro unions, Schultz demonstrated that a liberal could be a street fighter and his aggressive nature most definitely could take on both verbally and physically the likes of conservative thugs Bill O’Reilly and Sein Hannity. 

But something was deteriorating with Schultz’s show.   

Schultz's show  had become an extension of the Obama campaign.  Along with Al Sharpton, Martin Bashir, and  Lawrence O’Donnell, his show gave absolutely no breathing room after the election to pause and reflect.  

Did the political rants and raves and being a Democratic Party rah rah burn his viewers out?  Perhaps and that is what accounts for his new time slot. 

After an election with the choice of two very poor candidates, Schultz proclaimed Americans now left of center voters. He and his other pundits started promoting Hilary Clinton for President and gave no mercy on attacking Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, and any other conservative politician they could think of.

The 2012 campaign had ended and they were prepping viewers for the 2016 campaign.

Now being assigned with two non prime time 2 hour shows, Schutlz could take some cues from other MSNBC talking heads and rather than just being an extension of the Democratic Party, he could locate a more diverse group of guests and explore issues in greater detail.  

Attempting to locate diversity has worked for Chris Hayes, Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell etc.  Though MSNBC has a more liberal bent than Fox, many MSNBC viewers like to hear diverse opinion rather than a regurgitation of Democratic talking points which are as irritating as Republican talking points.

MSNBC’s demotion of Ed Schultz was a good thing for the viewers and perhaps Ed Schultz.  

With two shows on the weekend, Schulz might be able to delve into topics, which keeps viewers tuning in to hear a diversity of opinions.  Schultz should challenge his guests---but hopefully he also challenges the progressive guests---which he should have been doing right along.

Schultz replacement Chris Hayes, currently has a has a very fine Saturday and Sunday morning talk show format.  Other than interrupting his guests way too often with his view point,  hopefully Hayes can keep much of his current weekend  format for evening television and not become an extension of the Democratic Party as the man he replaces. 

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