Saturday, March 16, 2013

Write or Twitter the Pope About The Need for Married Priests in the Church

When 76-year-old Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, was selected to become Pope Francis I,  television reporters kept pressing American cardinals about the Pope’s stand on gay and lesbian issues---that is  would the Catholic Church recognize LGBT unions.  

Though rightfully important for many Americans, this topic of LGBT unions is now a favorite of the American news media, but will never be accepted by Catholic Church leadership.

The current Pope is on record for being a staunch opponent to gay marriage in Argentina  and has apparently had many disagreements with current Argentina President
Cristina Fernandez De Kirchner over the topic.  The Argentine President is for legalization of same sex unions.

Argentina President Cristina Fernandez De Kirchner.

Probably not any of us in our current lifetime and many more generations from now will ever see the Catholic Church recognize LGBT unions.  The Church needs to still address a less complicated issue of recognizing a woman's reproductive rights of choosing  simple tools as condoms or pills!  

Critics or advocates for such severe reversals of Catholic teachings just need to move on.  Those LGBT Catholics  members can either remain in the Church because the Church still provides them some meaning, or leave and seek out other more accepting denomination.
The Catholic Church and the new Pope have far more pressing issues to address which could be successfully addressed in our lifetimes.

The Church needs to address priestly celibacy first as well as recognize preventative birth control methods as condoms and pills.  

There are many practicing Catholics who are married men, women, and homosexuals who would make great priests.  Should they become priests, they could not do any more harm to the Church’s reputation than the pedophile priests or those  sexually active heterosexual and gay priests who continue to profess priestly celibacy. 

Those actions of the pedophile priests and the hypocrisy of non-celibate priests have made many people (Catholic and non-Catholic) suspicious of an organization governed by celibate men. 

An entire Church run by celibate and some very dysfunctional men has probably contributed to why many Roman Catholics have chosen to leave the Church. 

Most people should know that pedophilia is not an exclusive problem in the Church.  The problem was more magnified as the predators were supposedly celibate and holy men and the cover-up was by celibate bishops and cardinals who moved them to other parishes and never reported their child abuse  to civil authorities.

If this Pope does not allow for married priest then the Catholic Church seems a bit perverse compared to other Christian churches.

The good news for the LGBT community, married men and women is that there are other Christian denominations which would openly welcome them and will give them the opportunity to engage in ministerial duties and perhaps recognize same sex marriages. 

So, write or twitter  your Bishop, Cardinal, and Pope about addressing these changes.  And of course good luck, as the Church is not a democracy and supposedly these celibate have a direct line with Jesus as how to govern.

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