Friday, April 5, 2013

Target Department Store Eliminates Offensive Manatee Grey From Color Choices

Several years ago I finally tipped the scale and became officially obese.

I'd like to blame my weight gain on a thyroid problem. But I have to be honest---come clean as they say in some 12 Step Programs---that I am just powerless over pastries and simple carbohydrates.

The solution besides admitting my problems and praying to a Higher Power of My Understanding is to stay away from those carbs and only associate with skinny people who can eat the calories without impunity.

So as a large guy, I just burst out laughing when department store giant Target was apologizing for the name of its "plus size" kimono which they called Manatee Grey.

Apparently one customer Susan Clemens, who appears to be of normal weight, decided to come to the defense of us "plus size" people.

With righteous indignation and speaking up for all the "plus size" people in the world, Clemens notified Target with certainty that "plus size" people automatically were offended with the selected name of a garment color for a "plus size" dress most definitely designed to hide "plus size" body weight.

I do have to give Clemens that she was so indignant for "plus size" people and she knew instinctively that  Manatee Grey was a slur against "plus size" people.

The funny thing was that Target agreed with her. (Now Target maintains that  Manatee Grey has been a color used to describe other garments in their catalog.  I of course would be anxious to see how accurate that Target claim is of course!)

So here it goes.

Don't refer to me as fat, overweight or obese.  Rather call me "plus size"  because stores like Target and "normal size" customers like Clemens believe "plus size" is not offensive.

As a "plus size" guy I pledge never to buy any wardrobe or anything, which uses the offensive color Manatee Grey. I do this in solidarity for my fellow "plus size" men and women.

Rather than use Manatee Grey,  I will seek out and wear only , from the over 5o shades of grey, Elephant Grey gym shorts or paint the trim around my house in Mouse Grey.   

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