Sunday, March 1, 2015

ISIS Attracts Sadistic Predisposed Western Youth

Well, at least the world now has a face to one of the most despicable men in the world.  Mohammed Emwazi (aka) Jihadi John has finally been unmasked and hopefully he and his partners in crime are captured and killed.

Over the past several weeks the news media has highlighted the so-called plight of 3 British girls going to Syria via Turkey to join ISIS.  Our sympathies should go out to their families, but these young women are knowingly  joining a sadistic groups as ISIS and should garner no sympathy.

It is easy to say that young people are impressionable, but to knowingly engage in murder suggests that these folks probably had already had a screw loose!

The late twenty six year old American,  Kayla Mueller,  went to Syria to provide humanitarian aid.  Mueller was probably atypical of American youth and Americans in general, who willingly entered a  dangerous situations to provide humanitarian aid to the people of civil worn torn Syria.     

She was a fine example that a young person does not have to engage in evil acts to feel accepted.  


And of course there are probably numerous young Muslim men and women who will remain nameless who have sacrificed their own lives as they fought and continue to fight against ISIS.

Let's quit making excuses for young westerners who go fight with ISIS.   

By now, everyone should know what ISIS is about. Those who seek out or promote organizations like ISIS have a perverted sense of what it means to be human and lack moral scruples and likely and are already predisposed to sadistic behaviors.



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