Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dangerous for Americans to Relax Civil Liberties to Fight Criminals and Terrorists


 Sometimes it is hard to separate fact from fiction when watching television police drama.   Television's  Law and Order, Blue Blood, CSI etc., all tell a good story and portray law enforcement officials as patriotic do gooders up holding American freedoms.   Because it is fiction, we can overlook some of the cop roughness when interrogating the bad guy.  After all, the guy being arrested probably deserved it or at the least met the psychological profile of a sleazy character that if given the opportunity would likely commit a crime.

Watch the reality shows like COPS and you would think that most of law enforcement are just good guys doing their jobs.  As most of the police men and women note that when  they bash someone around during an arrest  it is "nothing personal" and they promise the arrested party some lessening of charges if they are cooperative.


 Watch shows as Lock Up and National Graphic Channel's stories about jails and prison life, and you would just like to throw the key away on some of these inmates.



The list of shows is always increasing and the American public just eats them up---myself inclusive.  

But apparently there is a very real sinister nature of American law enforcement and American intelligence organizations  that rival the best fiction! 


On many occasions I would argue the United States is one of the greatest democracies in the world.  I even gave some passes on police behaviors which may have been justified because the alleged criminals were resistant to police orders.

But, oh how I hate being duped by my own government when it comes to how our government treats my fellow citizens as well as people overseas in the name of protecting American interests.

I have strongly advocated the elimination of terrorist groups like ISIS because of their inhumanity against humanity.  Yet our government partners with tyrannical governments if our national interests are threatened.   

The United States has  maintained Guantanamo Bay for alleged (and likely) terrorists and if released the alleged terrorists are sent off to nations where brutal torture is sanctioned with quite support from the United States.

Yesterday I  read about a place called Homan Square operated by the Chicago police department as an equivalent CIA black site.   

All Americans should be sickened that such a place operates in this country. 

Whether one is a conservative or the most extreme progressive, imprisonment without a trial or legal representation or torture  is so totally against all our national principles. 

The more Americans relax domestic civil liberties to fight criminals and terrorists or Americans  look the other way at how American intelligence organizations operate overseas,  we will be relinquishing the good principles this nation was founded on.   


 Source of Image: TargetFreedom

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