Monday, March 2, 2015

Study Suggests Too Much Facebook Can Cause Anxiety

The mass media (television, movies, newscasts, social networking sites etc.,) can be a contributing factor to how many of us perceive ourselves in comparison to others. 

Many years ago, for some reason I decided that I had greater feelings of anxiety when I was watching talk shows of successful people interviewing other successful people.   

Now showing my age, I realized the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson was a venue for the rich and famous to show case just how rich and famous they actually were.  I found myself looking at my deficits and my mundane life in comparison to the guests being interviewed and very unhealthy feelings of depression and jealousy would emerge.

NBC Late Night Host Johnny Carson

So, I just went cold turkey and quit watching shows like Johnny Carson.   Today I rarely turn on television talk shows, only read magazine as People in the doctor's office or grocery store line, and avoid  shows like Entertainment Tonight.  For me, those shows and magazines just highlight the lifestyles of the affluent which long time ago passed me by.

Do I wish I was more affluent?

I would be less than truthful to say that I don't care.   I suppose writing a blog is one way that as a writer I get out there and maybe some one would at least consider my opinions on a topic of some value.  Perhaps someday, something I write will become a part of Brainy Quotes

So it did not come to me as such a big surprise when I read that a study suggests that too much Facebook can lead to envy and depression.

Guess because most of my "friends" on Facebook live in Akron, Ohio, are very middle class, and friends of Bill W.,  I really don't find myself getting too envious of their activities as I am certain they are not of mine.  (Matter of fact, probably most of my Facebook friends all probably view envy and jealousy as one of many character defects which at one time ruined our lives!)

But I can readily understand the danger of checking into a Facebook page daily  to see what your thousand plus intimate friends are doing! 

So my advice to those who are depressed because of the successes of their Facebook friends, much like I did with Johnny Carson, walk away from Facebook for awhile and see if you will feel better!

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