Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Only Selling or Buying Made In USA Products Maybe Patriotic But It Is Hard To Accomplish

For the past several weeks, I was suffering from severe writer’s block and decided to concentrate on putting my energies into a business that hopefully will start generating more income.

This is going onto my 3rd year of operating an ecommerce business and I probably could write a book about all my mistakes. But a book describing only mistakes would not be interesting reading, but a book describing a business success story would be far more marketable.

I have been attempting to locate products Made in the USA. Many American business manufacturers have proven to be actually very difficult to work with and I often times wonder if they are their own worst enemy.

Our product lines are not inexpensive---and perhaps too high of a price for those of us in the lower 97% income level. Before one American manufacturer would allow us to carry their product line, they had to review our site. Well they turned us down saying that our website was "not high end enough" to sell their products.

But besides dealing with the some of the more difficult suppliers, it is particularly disheartening to contact businesses, which have their Internet domain names up for sale.

A website closed likely means the business failed and for that business owner the American dream of self-employment ended.
It is a world economy now and most Americans have felt the economic hurt as the larger American industries have shipped their production overseas where the production costs are substantially lower and environmental protection during the production process is not a major concern.  (A Republican  businessman's ideal place to do business.)

Smaller American businesses are competing against products manufactured overseas by China for large American corporations and retailers (Walmart).  But buying products tagged Made In China is not a popular identifying tag line and many companies will now identify that their products are manufactured in Asia versus saying China.

Now I am not totally against Asian (Chinese) made products, however, the consumer product safety standards and labor laws and patent laws are radically different in Asia (China) than in most developed Western nations.  These lack of laws and manufacturer accountability account make Asia (China) a manufacturer's paradise.

Though still committed to finding only Made in USA products and as being  somewhat of a patriotic duty, I have given up being  a purist largely due to American businesses being overly guarded as to who they wish to do business with.  

Rather this consumer and business owner definitely has absolutely no problem offering products produced in other democracies who have sound adult and child labor laws which are enforced and are produced or grown under accepted Fair Trade Guidelines.


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