Friday, February 22, 2013

Quit Crying Wolf and Allow Government Sequestration to Occur

The Republican Party has been controlled by wing nuts and this writer has had very little tolerance for their ideologue shenanigans.

But Republicans are not the only group with crazies amongst their ranks.

The Democrats are also controlled by their own group of nut cases who feel that there can be no discussion on revising national entitlement programs and to keep raising taxes to fund a bloated government.

Entitlement reform needs to be on the table and progressives need to quit burying their head in the sand like the issue will resolve itself.  

Progressive politicians know the issue needs to be addressed and have to be honest to their constituency and tell tham that  unless reforms are made the programs will not be solvent!

This next week, both parties and the President  are about to take the country down a path that can end American prosperity as we know it or fondly recall it!

Whoever blinks first this next week: Republicans or Obama and the Democrats---- will have a lot to do as to our national direction.

If neither side blinks then very real discussions about addressing government expenditures and entitlements programs will occur when forced budgetary cuts to good programs will begin.

Business owners and both working and retired Americans can't keep going through this scenario over and over again for an additional 4 years.

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