Thursday, January 16, 2014

Justin Bieber---Typical of His Age Group? ---Probably Not

Allegedly the Bieb is facing felony charges for causing $20,000 in an egging accident to his neighbor's mansion.   

Must have been a helluva lot of scrambled eggs to do such damage not to mention probably the "bloated" price tag for such damage. 

He will likely plead "no contest," or someone in his house will step up to the plate and take responsibility.  

Sounds like the young Canadian (sorry to my Canadian friends---he's yours!) has been engaged a lot of bad behavior lately.  

The one, which really bothered me, was not so much Bieber’s urinating in a  mop bucket , but rather the smart-ass comments by he and his "friends" as he was doing the deed. And of course, his disrespect towards the restaurant employee who had to empty the bucket.  (Granted, he probably pees all over his bathroom in his mansion and has someone cleaning up after him.) 

Regardless, he apologized. 

His comment after visiting Anne Frank's house hoping that  Anne Frank would have been a belieber---was probably no worse than the crap which appears on Seth McFarlane's Family Guy.  However, Bieber's comment just demonstrated that probably many in his age group’s ignorance of world history.

But he did apologize---or someone in his entourage apologized did for him. 

Of course the tough guy threatened to threatened to beat the fuck out of the paparazzi while on a London trip, but was held back from getting a probably well-deserved ass beating by his bodyguards. Likely Bieber knew his entourage would not have let anything happen to him anyway.

And like all celebs who screw up,  he fled to Twitter. With a series of tweets, he explained his actions due to being tired and assured his fans that next time won't let the media get the best of him. 

If you have been following this blog, I don't give much credence to apologies particularly by celebs and politicians who have people making the apologies for them.  They are not sorry.  They are sorry that they got caught. 

Bieber has more creative talent and money than what I will ever have.   And the Bieb has been handsomely compensated for his talent and good luck of being discovered.  

Legally an adult, he needs to be treated like one and hopefully will be treated as such with regards to making an egg omelet of his neighbor's house.

I am going to give the young man some credit as being emotionally a kid who has way too much money and a high level of testosterone surrounded by highly paid so-called "friends" and body guards.  

Are  Justin Bieber's action  typical of his age group? Probably and thankfully  not.


Bieber  is wealthy at a very early age which makes him atypical of people his age and he is surrounded by  paid minions stroking his ego that at any age would make an ego swell to a disproportionate size.


However, many young men and women his age are working hard to making something of their lives and some may end up going into show biz to make millions like the Bieb.   


But his actions  are not excusable nor funny and hopefully some adults or  peers step up to the plate  and tell him his fame could be fleeting unless he reigns himself in.

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