Sunday, January 19, 2014

Give Rhino Hunter Corey Knowlton Only A Spear And Hunt Might Be Called Sport

Back in November last year, hostess of "Winchester Deadly Passion," Mellissa Bachman was pictured with a large lion she had killed on a South African game preserve.    And of course sides were drawn regarding her actions between the conservationists and hunting enthusiasts.    

A similar controversy is now occurring with when hunter Corey Knowlton spent $350,000 for the chance to hunt a black rhinoceros in the southern African nation of Namibia.  At the time of this post, don't know if Knowlton has yet bagged his "trophy" but supposedly his life and the life of his family have been threatened by his actions.

In northeast Ohio, deer hunting has been needed for an out of control deer population, which has grown because natural predators are not around, and the deer population conflicts with the human residents.  The deer population is starving and has expanded to the suburban areas eating the local residential landscaping and causing property damaged when hit by cars.  

Perhaps the noticeable difference between Ohio deer hunters versus North Americans hunting African game is that deer venison is consumed by the hunters and their families. 

Those of us who enjoy eating a Wendy's hamburger, chicken McNuggets, and canned tuna would indeed be hypocritical to criticize hunters and fishermen.  Whether it is in a slaughterhouse or an animal is being killed and dressed in the fields or filleted at the side of a lake, critters are being killed to satisfy the carnivorous sides of our appetites. 

Supposedly the $350,000 price tag to hunt the black rhino will go for conservation of other rhinos and culling a rhino herd is necessary to get rid of the weaker animals for the good of the healthier ones.

However it seems obscene and a bit narcissistic that posing with a dead animal that had no chance against modern technology is called good sport.  

The animals hunted by Bachman, Knowton, and others pay-to-hunt wealthy big game hunters don't have any food value to them other than the animal's mounted head.

Hunting big game on an animal preserve with sophisticated rifle power, is much like shooting at a fish in a rain barrel.  The so-called big game hunt is not sport, but just an opportunity to kill a defenseless animal and appease someone’s vanity.   

Put folks like Knowton and Bachman in the field with a spear, and if they are not eaten or gored and come home with a dead animal that would probably not be classified as sport but rather survival of the fittest in every sense of the word. 


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