Friday, January 10, 2014

Governor Christie's Bridge Scandal Is Much Ado About Nothing Being Stoked By Liberal Commentators

Let me preface my comments that  I really don't care for Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.  

Christie is a pompous politician who was reelected as New Jersey Governor and then in all likelihood will run for President in 2016. 

But the recent bridge scandal has been blown way out of proportion---not for the residents of New Jersey who were inconvenienced -but for the rest of the nation where the incident has dominated  the national news.  

Unless things change, and no smoking gun appears to implicate the governor's hands on participation in the bridge closing, Christie will emerge unscathed.  (Christie will be rightfully judged about the characters of the men and women he has surrounded himself with and who likely reflect the inner workings of the guy.)

Christie is no different than many presidential contenders who are elected (reelected) to an office and use that office to run for Commander-In-Chief.   And most likely, besides the political bull dogs he has just fired, he has a contingency in his staff telling him how to act more Presidential to appeal to national voters. 

There are many reasons not to vote for Christie---his political values and high opinion of himself---but the bridge scandal will not be the reason.  And despite his abrasive attitude, Christie appears to get things done and that is why he was reelected in the so-called blue state.

Last night MSNBC devoted its entire evening line-up analyzing the "scandal" over and over again.

Again much like their counterparts at Fox, MSNBC picks a story to death and expects their viewers to be all excited and agitated to spend hours listening to their nonsensical discussion about a much ado about nothing event.  

Last night, MSNBC again proved that progressive commentators could be just as petty as those who are conservative.


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