Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Melissa Harris-Perry and Sean Hannity Fuel Ideological Fires For Their Respective Employer

When writers get together and get creatively drunk, they  try to top each other's ideas.   That is what probably happened with the recent Mellissa Harris-Perry incident of attempting to be clever regarding Mitt Romney's adopted black grandchild.  (Allegedly Ms. Harris-Perry told her guests to be more funny.) 

Former MSNBC commentator Martin Bashir's  comment directed to Sarah Palin, (poster girl for frickin' right wing  idiocy) about consuming fecal matter probably were tried out before the broadcast.  Bashir's staff and myself likely applauded his sentiment,  but again much like the Duck Dynasty controversy, Bashir should have kept his comments to himself and not go public.  

However, Bashir quickly apologized and a couple weeks later did resign and probably should not have over the issue.

Bashir's problem is that being a Brit, and like the other irritating Brit, CNN's Piers Morgan, Bashir just rubs many Americans the wrong way with their self-righteous British sensibilities. 

Probably Bashir probably irritated enough of the MSNBC brass that when he tethered his resignation not too many execs went running after him begging him to reconsider. 

If everytime  an offensive comment is made, and people are compelled to apologize by their network employer  so much goes for the illusion of free speech and exchanging of ideas networks like to portray themselves as providing.

Sean Hannity and many on his network have taken on an almost personal dislike towards the President upon day one of being elected. 

And according to the new MSNBC standards of not offending anyone, Hannity should have been asked to go a long time ago due to his hate filled  rants.

But the difference between Bashir versus Hannity and Harris-Perry, Bashir probably was not a money maker as the other two personalities and the timing of his comments prior to his vacation was a good reason to let him continue a long-term permanent vacation.

Admittedly, I am going through a phase that I avoid political commentary television. (Most of these shows start late in the afternoon and through the evening.)  

Self-righteous progressives as the MSNBC crowd are equally as offensive as the right wing commentators of Fox.  

Each side is playing to their audience and fueling their respective fires. 

I have learned to flip through the most offending commentators in an attempt to find some fair and balanced commentary which is lacking now on much of cable television. 

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