Friday, December 20, 2013

Should Duck Dynasty Patriarch Phil Robertson Apologize?

In a blog way back in May, I decided to take break from writing and was hoping to resume again in September.  Well life got in the way, and my interest in resurrecting the blog was certainly not there.  So I turned to Twitter. 

For those of you who do not use Twitter, your tweets are limited to 140 characters only.   So brevity counts and if you have any comments on newsworthy events---you do so in the fewest words available.

Twitter is a great way to deliver a message.   But an in-depth comment well just can't be done.  (Let's be candid sometimes a one word phrases as sucks, Bs, freakin' stupid, are really the only comments needed to get a point across.) 

So after the Duck Dynasty controversy, my hands started trembling, I was waddling around my office and quacking to myself knowing I had to write again.  

So here I am----a few days before the holidays and am going to write about the comments by highly paid hillbilly Phil Roberston (no offense to anyone who calls themselves a hillbilly or claims one as a friend) and his comments about homosexuality.  Now I am not going to debate the pros and cons of his position---which frankly are offensive.  

But rather this duckass had no concept that just perhaps a great many people who watch his show or purchase Duck Dynasty product lines might be gay or  have relatives  who are gay and they are people that they happen to like. There are many people, myself included, don't necessarily believe that the Bible is meant to be the end all be all reference point on sensitive subjects as sexuality etc.,   

Roberston made a bad business decision and I am certain fame had just gone to his furry faced head and he believed his comment needed to be added to the biblical opinion in regards to homosexuality. 

So this smart-ass know-it-all decided he had to offer a comment and perhaps the best advice would have been to follow this business proverb:  

Think What You May Think, But Don't Quack Out Load Every Thought That Comes To Mind  

Should he apologize---well of course not.  Robertson's apology would not be genuine and everyone knows it would be just to save his feathery hide.  

No he and his family of Bible homophobic ducklings should retire from the television business with all their millions that they hopefully have nested away.


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