Sunday, December 22, 2013

LGBT Economic Power House Can Boycott Duck Dynasty Products and Companies Promoting Them

 It is offensive that a television personality decides an entire group of human beings are leading amoral lives.  Of course this is in referral to the recent comments by Duck Dynasty Patriarch Phil Robertson.  Most definitely, the man is entitled to his opinions and we do have freedom of speech protection by 1st Amendment but the comments are offensive.   

Granted Robertson might be a virile Christian red neck---but most certainly in his line of work in the entertainment industry he has had to come across homosexuals (open or closeted) with whom he has had to do business.  

Probably more troubling is that sensitive homosexual teenagers again have to be reminded that he or she is an abomination in the eyes of Phil Robertson's interpretation of the Bible.  Or for the parent, who struggles with their child's sexual preferences and prays for that child's immoral soul. 

There are many men and women who share Robertson's beliefs, yet unlike Robertson, they don't get on the public bully pulpit and attack roughly about 8-10% of the population. 

Sex is an overrated test of a person's moral character. Short of rape, incest, and practicing pedophiles what goes on in the bedroom between consenting adults is really no one's business.   

But the news and entertainment industry maybe have not done the gay population any favors when they attack people who don't agree that a homosexuality is a life style that a person chooses.  And the entertainment industry has a tendency to portray gay men as flighty and effeminate and lesbian women as manly in their demeanor.

Lately, a politician's stance on gay marriage is used as a litmus test to determine if he should be elected and that question seems to pop out of the mouth of interviewers all the time.  True people should know the politician's opinion but a person's stand on the issue should not disqualify him or her for public office. 

Gay rights have come along way---and have a long way too go---but it is unfair that segments of the population who nonviolently disagree with the lifestyle should be attacked.  And perhaps the recent well-intention A&E's Duck Dynasty removal of Phil Robertson may have backfired and more openly anti-gay personalities will emerge. 

There are well-intended  men and women who just don't get same sex attraction and feel a lifestyle is being pushed down their throats.  

And we can not  forget there is a portion of the population which is bi-sexual. And pornography presenting  two women having sexual relations has been made for the discerning straight man!  

Regardless, the LGBT segment of the American population and their friends and family members is here to openly stay and they will continue be a growing economic powerhouse. 

The  LGBT community can  use its economic power and can choose not to purchase Duck Dynasty products or patronize anyone who openly attack their lifestyle as immoral.  

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