Monday, April 15, 2013

Senator Marco Rubio Wants A Study to Understand Violence

The interview of Senator Marco Rubio on Meet the Press was like watching a kid engaged in a high school debate.   He was well-rehearsed.  Rubio knew point by point what he had to say or not say and how to avoid answers by saying  a lot of nothing. 

His voice fluctuated like an excitable  teen hoping to win the  school debate.  And for this writer,  it is still amazing the citizens of Florida elected him to the Senate.


From the onset, Rubio has been capitalizing on his Cuban heritage and has been deemed an expert on solving the problem of legalizing the status of illegal immigrants.  Well---someone has to address the issue and it --might as well be the Cuban American kid.  

But Rubio's  answers on his opposition to the expansion or enforcing background checks on firearm purchases was actually a bit disturbing that he even sits in the Senate.   Rubio questioned the discussion of background checks when he said to Meet the Press moderator David Gregory:

But ultimately, the reason why we are doing this, in essence, we are spending all of our time talking about background checks as if, somehow, criminals will no longer getting guns because they have to undergo a background check. We're lying to people. That isn't true.
The fact of the matter is that we have a violence problem in America. Guns are what people are using. But violence is our problem. And no one is having a debate about the violence problem. And I think this is a missed opportunity to have an honest and open conversation in this country about why these horrifying things are happening, not simply what they're using to carry this out, but why are people doing this to begin with?

Surely the Senator understands the reasons for violence by now.  Does Rubio really want a million-dollar study to understand violence?  Or is the real purpose of commissioning a study is just to hope the gun control legislation will just go away?   Surely Rubio  knows that even if a commission were to produce conclusions about violence or ways to reduce the severity of violent acts, politicians like he would just disagree with any recommendations.

Americans don’t need another study about violence and Rubio knows that.

Most Americans know that violence stems from gangs engaged in the illegal and lucrative drug trade. 

Recent current events show that the most horrendous mass killings have been committed by the mentally ill men who have access to guns, which can discharge many rounds of ammo before being reloaded.   Americans either know by personal experience or by news reports, that many people are killed or harmed in incidents of domestic violence by either family members or people that they know.  And lastly there are those people who choose to use guns to commit suicide and take other victims with them.

A reduction of the number of rounds of ammunition would certainly reduce the severity of a mass shooting and would be even a better solution. However, too many politicians of both parties are like Rubio and beholden to the gun manufacturers and that will never be addressed under a guise that our Second Amendment rights will somehow be curbed.

All that Americans are asking that comprehensive background checks are put in place and enforced to reduce the likelihood guns ending up in the hands of people who should not have guns.

Rubio’s comments were those of a second rate politician and mind.   Rubio lacks backbone and like many of his colleagues he hopes the discussion will just go away.  

This Sunday, the Senator demonstrated he has a long way to prove to Americans that he is even Presidential material. 

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