Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wingnuts and Clowns In Both Parties Sadly Manage the Nation

This evening when I turned on the news, one of the lead stories was how Attorney General Eric Holdner will decide to proceed against those states that have legalized pot, which is in direct conflict with the federal policies regarding marijuana.

Thank goodness the national leadership is going to protect the nation from pot to ignore far more pressing and immediate issues.

The nation is hanging on a fiscal cliff due to government inaction. Americans of all economic earnings are in a hold pattern until the politicians in Washington decide to reach some compromise.

Milk prices are about to double due to the failure of the Congress to act on some obscure farm bill that unless passed will assured rising dairy prices to be passed on to the poor and middle class with their ever shrinking incomes.

Americans are being shot and killed by lunatics who can get a hold of high powered assault weapons due to federal and states failing to enforce laws and close loop holes to lessen the likelihood of such events from reoccurring on such grand tragic scales.

Before politicians from both parties can act on much needed gun control legislation they wrap themselves patriotically in the Second Amendment as they grease their palms with money from the NRA.

It is a sad commentary that one of the greatest nations in the world is being run by the wingnuts and clowns of both parties who continue to play the games, which may well go on for the next four years and beyond.

The current Congress has been very pathetic and perhaps the new Congress of 2013 may be more functional, but this American is not holding his breath for much change.

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