Saturday, January 5, 2013

Andy Borowitz Gave Best Description of Fiscal Cliff Solution

Well it is the fourth day of 2013 and the fiscal cliff has been avoided. The United States has a new Congress, and Republican John Boehner has been elected again to be Speaker of the House.

With some defiance and playing to his Republican caucus, Boehner has pledged no more face to face meetings with the President and also has pledged to fight harder in destroying the nation by blocking the raising of the national debt ceiling.

Humorist Andy Borowitz summed up  Boehner's reelection by tweeting:

John Boehner is re-elected House Speaker after promising Republicans he will be "a bigger asshole from now on.

Andy Borowitz

A painful and embarrassing political event was January 1, 2013.

With last minute bipartisan support, the House finally voted 257 to 167 to confirm the Senate drafted legislation which restored Bush era taxes to Americans making less than $400,000 per year as well as some other tacked on measures that you would have to dig deep to find.

The wing nuts of both parties of the 2012 Congress threatened right until the end that they would not approve the legislation and would have left if it for the 2013 Congress.

 Thankfully, the very dysfunctional 2010-2012 Congress approved the measure and was to be entered in the history books as one of the most unproductive Congresses.

The 2010-2012 Congressional crop of politicians in both parties deserves very little kudos for how they conducted business and the potential legislative crisis they had created.

After the passage of the legislation making the Bush era taxes permanent, Comedian Andy Borowitz said it best when he tweeted:

. . . praising Congress for the fiscal cliff deal is like giving an arsonist an award for putting out his own fire.

During the crisis negotiations, in a CNN report, it was also noted that John Boehner told Harry Reid to go fuck himself. This Boehner verbal paddling was caused when apparently Reid during the weeks of the debate had called Boehner a dictator. 

Guess These Guys Really Don't Like Each Other 

Ouch! Guess thin-skinned Boehner never heard the saying that sticks and stones may break a person’s bones, but names will never hurt him!
Well, these two men under their leadership screwed the nation at one time or another. Boehner’s comment was crude but perhaps accurate, as the comment was well deserved to describe Reid's antics.

As for the President, Americans keeping hearing he is prepared to negotiate---yet allegedly he has not presented a budget since he has been in office. Realizing that Obama is a very busy guy, but perhaps putting a proposal in writing might be a good idea so at least some proposal can be studied, revised, and perhaps passed.

Hopefully the  President can be bold during the next 4 years. 

My advice to the President:

If need be sleep with the enemy.   Invite them out to dinner or fly them to Camp David, but don’t put us through another 4 years like the past two years.

One laughable moment during the whole fiscal cliff debate was when New York's 2nd Congressional District Republican House Representative Peter King and other Republican and Democratic representatives from the Hurricane Sandy affected states sought to get much deserved federal aid for their citizens to repair their homes and businesses.

King should have known that the timing for such a request was poor. The 56 billion dollars in aid will expand the federal deficit and most certainly goes against all current Republican thinking.

When Not Tracking Muslim Terrorists, Rep King Goes After Money for His Constituency

When it comes to their own citizens, for many Republicans, conservative principles of not receiving federal aid are good for the other guy's district but not their own.  And keeping with Tea Party wing nut tradition,  67 Republicans voted against the much needed aid.

Already, there is speculation about the Presidential 2016 race.

And one possible contender is Hilary Clinton.

Clinton has done an admirable job as Secretary of State. Clinton's performance most definitely confirms that she could and 
maybe should have been President. However, she should just retire and enjoy living her life in the private sector to make millions of dollars writing and selling her memoirs like her husband.

It gets  tiring to see Bill Clinton going back and forth between the White House and being treated as the unofficial President. Just don’t think having a former President Bill  Clinton in the White House, advising a President Hilary Clinton is good for the nation any more than having Jeb Bush as President. 

Surely, there are some other smart people who could lead us without the last names of Kennedy, Clinton, Bush, Reid, Boehner etc. 

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