Thursday, January 7, 2016

Americans Will Be Voting For Lesser of Two Evils in 2016 Presidential Campaign

Hard to get excited about this crop of Presidential candidates.   But to not vote because they are not very likable  is not a good reason either.

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Regardless one of these narcissistic persons will be our President and Americans actually will come down to picking the lesser of two evils to be President.

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After all the televised debates, people should by now be figuring out why some of these candidates should not be elected President.

A billionaire businessman sitting in White House is a bit disconcerting.   But a pompous billionaire as Donald Trump  sitting in the White House is beyond disturbing but is frightening.

Unlike as a CEO of his own company, Trump will quickly learn that not everything he wants will be implemented as President.  At this time he has no grasp of foreign policy and despite claims he knows economics, his economic plan may benefit the upper 1% of Americans but not middle class or poor Americans.  

Trump comments appeal to the frightened middle class white man. 

Unfortunately for the nation, Trump will likely get bored and will pass the day to day operations to some lack eye or allow his adult children take on some behind the scenes roles.

Based on her history as Secretary of State, United States Senator,  and First Lady, Hillary is probably the most qualified of all the candidates at this time.   However, Hillary has a perception of not being totally honest which  is probably one of two reasons people would have trouble voting for her. 

However the second problem for Hillary is that her husband Bill will residing  with her in the White House.  The image of Bill wandering the White House is as disturbing as billionaire Trump being in the White House.  

Bill Clinton has proven to be a sexual predator and womanizer and Hillary should be distancing herself from her husband with say a divorce of political expediency! 

Hard to think of Hillary consulting with Bill while they are sacking out in the bedroom.  Frankly one should pity her potential staff  or Cabinet members having to work for her.  However, the nation has  had father and sons as Presidents and so  a husband and wife team might be doable.

Rather than doing the jobs they were elected to, Americans have two governors and four senators blatantly ignoring their day jobs in their quests for the Presidency.

Of all the Republican senators running for President, Rand Paul has been continually over looked and brushed off by mainstream Republicans and news media.   Paul does deserve a second look.   Paul has demonstrated a common sense approach to not over governing as well as assuring that Americans' civil liberties are protected. A President Paul is not as apt to engage the United States in all of the international conflicts the other candidates are promising to do. 

With his conservative views and being an obstructionist as a senator, Ted Cruz is down right the scariest of all the candidates.  Now with the question of whether he is a naturalized citizen creating quite a firestorm,  he will be un-electable.

Marco Rubio, blatantly had no intention of completing his senatorial term and had set his term on a Presidential run.   With no military experience, Rubio would likely engage the country in military conflicts at the cost of  human lives and at the expense of improving American infrastructure. 

At this time, Rubio  has demonstrated no intentions of taking on curbing of global warming and wants to dismantle Obamacare and as of yet has not proposed an alternative insurance program.

Rubio touts himself as being the new generation of American leaders.  Well, the self-centered Rubio demonstrates what is all wrong with the younger crop of career politicians desiring to lead the country. 

As an Ohioan, John Kasich is appealing, however like all the senators, he is an elected governor and should be home worrying about the day to day operations of the state.  This same criticism of not running the state he was elected to govern also applies  to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.   

Unlike Christie,  at this time, Kasich does not have political scandals following him nor the abrasive temperament Christy is noted for.

President-wanna-be Jeb Bush has the dubious honor of his father's and big brother's legacies to follow and justify. Americans were tired of  Bush /Cheney and this dangerous  duo of plunging the nation into Iraq and destabilizing the middle east.  

Though he does not have a strong flamboyant personality, Jeb Bush is a moderate and maybe could be a decent President if he surrounds himself  with moderate advisers.  

Another senator who has avoided his day job to run for President is Bernie Sanders. 

Sanders  is a socialist---not necessarily bad---but if Americans thought Obama had a difficult Presidency dealing with conservatives, we ain't seen nothing yet if Sanders occupies the White House.

So the choices for the Presidency are very bleak and it is tragic for the country these are the best the two parties can offer us! 

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